Songs that fire you up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Caspiandood, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. "The Guns of Brixton", either by the Clash or Nouvelle Vague. The NV is much more slower, and menacing. Excellent slow-burning motivational song.

    For the simple minded caveman that lurks in all mens' hearts, "Here Comes The Boom" by P.O.D. is an excellent pre-bosh song.

    "Voodoo Chile", Jimmi Hendrix. The 1.30 or so of the intro is enough to start the blood pumping.

    " Run To The Hills" By Iron Maiden.

    "Master of Puppets" Mettalica.
  2. Too much too young, Specials... it always kicked off in the "disco" when that came on!

    Too much too young
  3. Too Shy Shy by Kadjagoogoo.
  4. columbia by oasis. cool as fcuk!!
  5. Rock the Casbah - The Clash
  6. Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

  7. It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
  8. I can see a pattern developing here.
  9. Bronski beat - Smalltown Boy - gets the arrse pumping literally!

    But seriously, my tuppeny's worth.

    Last Train - Lost prophets.
    LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out.
    Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle.
    Paranoid - Mr Osbourne and the Black Sabbath.
    She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult.
    Tommy Gun - The Clash.
    We Will Rock You - Queen
    Pretender - Foo Fighters - (F'Kin awesome) If you dont have - buy it - today!!!
    How you remind me -Nickelback.
    God Save The Queen - Sex pistols.
    Your mothers got a penis - by GLC - full whack singing it your missus - if you hate the mother in law!
  10. The Trashmen - Surfin'bird
  11. Most things by Muse, gotta be Starlight though
  12. old school song!

    You've got to fight for your right to party - Beasties

    Party Hard - Andrew WK