Songs Part II

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pompeyfan, Aug 28, 2010.

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  1. I'm new to this arrseing lark, and I've much enjoyed threads such as "songs that make you cry" and "phrases you'd rather not hear".

    So I thought, why not "Songs containing phrases you'd rather not hear". For example:

    Jumping Jack Flash its a ... GAS GAS GAS !!!


    Chestnuts Roasting on an ... "OPEN FIRE !!!!"

    So come on fellow arrsers, I'm sure you can do better than the above.
  2. Nine posts in two years --- Do they ration your outpourings ? Or have you been under the care of the lovely nurses at broadmoor ?

    Mods-- the gimp filter is malfunctioning again .
  3. I ration my own outpourings, as I try to wait until I have something pertinent/entertaining to say.

    What's your excuse?
  4. If i waited till i had something of interest to say i would win the sponsored silence three years straight .

    I want to be entertained ---can you juggle ?
  5. who's that trip trapping over my bridge ?
  6. I guess the mods are to lazy to even shift this to the hole.
  7. Looks like a self-inflicted there mate. If billygoat gruff is trip trapping over your bridge, then you must be the troll under the bridge. Tee hee, and all that.
  8. Sorry everyone. My only excuse is that I was a bit pished when I thought up this lamentably unfunny idea. Please do remove it to the hole.

    Gotta go, its time for my medication.

    NURSE !!!!