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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Heard a song on the radio this morning on the way into work that instantly took me back to one of the great nights out that I had while serving.
    Basket Case by Green Day, just makes me think of me, P*** L****** and J****** S******* playing air guitar on a table at a Xmas workshop do in 1997, while the ASM and AQ did their best to get us to stop playing silly beggars’ and get down. ignored them both until the AQ got hold of my trousers and yanked my legs out from under me. Cleaned the blood off my face and headed downtown with half the workshop to explore the delights of the local bars and ladies and ended up mullered with an fat ugly chick slapping my booze-filled cock about in a vain attempt to get me hard. Happy days.

    Any songs out there which instantly remind you of a top night out with your muckers? And I’m not talking namby-pamby shit either, not interested in the first dance at your wedding or trash like that. I mean any random song which straight away makes you think of a proper session you and your mates once had

    Another which does it for me is “Private Dancer” by Tina Turner, the first Canadian stripper I ever witnessed in the Sin Bin was dancing to it. Boy did she have great norks.
  2. REM Everybody Hurts (Sometimes) Best shagging song ever
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash.

    The CD player in the mess bar was covered with several layers of cling film to prevent damage. There was no need to change discs as it had a fine selection of JC, Kenny Rogers, mixed country and a 70s porno backing music style mix.

    Whenever you walked in the bar and hit the "on" button, the first tune to play was Folsom Prison Blues. It was the opening credit music to many, many marathon sessions.

    I now have a Pavlovian style response whenever I hear that tune - I can feel a killer hangover starting by the end of the first verse!
  4. Sex with you must be a laugh a minute! Do you come at the finale or just top yourself?

    Best night out reminding track? "Billy Jean". I hear that and I'm in Tuxedo Junction, Newcastle with the lads from my college rugby team. I pulled a medical secretary from Sunderland - she was "38" and I was 21. Oh how I enjoyed that little idyll...ginger and very tidy.
  5. No Cuddles I have another for the come shot

    Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (try it)
  6. Strange Days by The Doors (the album, not just the song) used to revive any who were ready to pass out during block parties, but it would be unthinkable to put it on before 0415-ish. The wannabes who'd slunk off to bed before that time didn't deserve The Doors.

    I recall entering the NAAFI complex of Ally Pally to hear Ring Of Fire echoing down the corridor many times, usually courtesy of H****, whom I affectionaltely knew as Bum, if you're on here. Back in the days when going out for a quiet pint and a natter meant six or eight pints, without batting an eyelid.

    Edit: I might be lying about the Doors album, it may have been a best-of type compilation; I seem to recall it started with Light My Fire. Bloody good nonetheless.
  7. heartbroken by t2, godawful garage song that was popular in catterick in early 2008, played on phones of course for maximum shite sound effect
  8. Johny Cash,Ring of Fire,late 60s Hohne in Margarets Bar, Between the Electric Tatooing Shop and the Snakepit. Must have been played 75% of the time, Trini Lopez' Lemon Tree 20%, and 5% other things.
  9. The Minute Waltz for me.
  10. S'Express always reminds me of the Naafi discos at DKMH Catterick
  11. You b4stards! I am starting to think that you have a calendar reminder and every six months or so you think "Yes, cuddles must have nearly recovered from the clown porn trauma...good oh, time to stoke the boiler again!"

  12. The album It's My Life by Talk Talk. Reminds me of Osnabruck. Also reminds me of my old Datsun Sunny as the cassette was stuck in the dash and it was all we could listen to.
  13. Dire Staits, Tunnel of Love and (somewhat sadly) Bonnie Tyler's Holding out for a Hero. Always takes me back to Guzz and night drives across the moor in eager anticipation of banging the boss's posh daughter.
  14. Brown Eyed Girl, played on the South Western jukebox often in the '70s. :D
  15. "We're going home" think it was actually called "Two of Us". by the Beatles
    But anyway, it was played as we left East London (S.A.) on Intrepid on the last leg of a tour that included Australia, Korea, Japan, lots of places East including Bahrein and Kenya. Netx stop would be Gib then Pompei, getting back late February.
    Oh yes, 661 Sig Tp. Lt. J. M***** was our troop officer.