Songs in a miner key.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. I was thinking about those Chilian guys.Stuck down't pit.
    Obviously they need cheering up.What would you put on the ipod to be sent down to them?

    "Down down deeper and down"
    "Blood pit of horror"
    "New York mining disaster of 1941"
    "Sweet child of mine"

    A few more perhaps?
  2. The Jam... Going Underground.

    c'mon vvaannmmaann, missing the obvious there.
  3. Canary In A Coalmine - The Police
    Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden
    Bit o' traditional music - anything by any of the colliery bands - Grimethorpe, Dinnington, Backworth etc.
  4. Tom Waits -

    Way Down In The Hole
    Cold Cold Ground
    I Wish I Was In New Orleans
    Invitation To The Blues
    I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
  5. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Big Bad John, by Jimmy Dean
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sixteen Tons by Tennesee Ernie Ford

    Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

    Both oldies - look them up!!!
  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Sadly I didn't need to look them up.

    'At the bottom of this mine lies a big, big man.'
  8. Dancing in the dark.


    Be mine tonight?
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    A bit tenuous, but 'Sloop John B' has a lyric about 'I feel so broke up, I wanna go home'. I think it could go on the list!
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    down in a hole - alice in chains
    staying alive - the bee gees
    help! - the beatles
    thirsty and miserable - black flag
    dig your own hole - the chemical brothers
    landslide - fleetwood mac
    too far down - husker du
    isolation - joy division
    out of sight, out of mind - level 42
    subculture - new order
  11. Jamiroquai - I'm going deeper underground
  12. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  13. Eric Morricone - The Mission
    Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
    Chopin - Rain Drop Prelude
    Tarrega - The Killing Fields
    Newton Faulkner - She's Got Time
    Ane Brun - Where Friend rhymes with End
  14. Depends on how long they're trapped but:

    Billie Holliday - I Love my Man
    Scrubs - Guy Love
    Gucci Mane - Sex in Crazy Places
    Shaggy - Something Different
    Kid Rock - Blow Me
    Fad Gadget - Swallow It