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Song for John Thrumble - Royal Anglian Memorial Fund

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shortstuffblonde, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Use this link to download a song written by and sung by Paul Andreas in memory of John Thrumble, one of the men from the Royal Anglians killed in Afghanistan. It costs just 79p which enables 3 downloads to a computer, ipod or mp3 player.

    Whether you like the song or not please could you show your support.

    Thank you
  2. The song is called "Why is this happening"
  3. its very good - he has a great voice
  4. Glad you enjoyed it. If anyone knows how to make that link live, please could they do it for me, as I have no idea. For 79p I think it's great idea and ALL proceeds go to the Royal Anglian Memorial Fund.
  5. There you go Ssb: just click on the picture to take you to the site.


    Song to download Why is This Happening?
  6. I am a dozy bint. Thanks for that!
  7. Corse I bought it, just not going to announce it!!! Nothing against the lad, his music's... er... alright, but I have to be on a real Bezzer to jump in with, "I lurve you".

    Give it a couple of hours ;)

    [Note: I actually had to listen to something completely inappropriate and can't be mentioned on here at all; a type of tune overlaid on a vid that would make flight of the Valkyrie played while looking for Charlie's non-existent surfing abilities look like a kindergarten school play :D Just to restore the balance of the force of course]

    BUT that means squat!! Buy the fcukin tune numbnuts!!! :D

    Can I request this get's punted out proper on RearParty? Red will sort it out no doubt ;)
  8. It's more the words and the tribute to John that I like. Makes me cry everytime I hear it. Also the fact that Paul Andreas delivered a copy to John's parents and asked them which charity they would like to donate all the proceeds to and they said "Royal Anglian Memorial Fund." Thanks for supporting it, means a lot.