Song For Europe: Eurovision

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by billy.winky, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Alexis

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  2. Karen

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  3. Uni5

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  4. Josh

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  5. Miss Fitz

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  1. On now! Who do you think's going to win? To be honest, I wouldn't vote for the first two - they were pretty sh1tty. Why not add your own commentary?

    Let's go!!
  3. I,d rather pour bleach down my bellend, instead of replying to this thread,
    err......... bugger.

    edited to add

    Ouch, that stings.
  4. By all that's Holy, are you fkin gay, billy??? At least I have an excuse for being on Arrse at this time, I'm bloody working but to admit to watching Eurovision, that beats all.
  5. Films, music and all things artsy? how on gods green earth, can a thread about the ESC be classed as any of those things?

    It isnt a film, so thats out

    It isnt music by a long way, so thats out

    As for artsy?

    Do we have a forum for european shite, fixed by a corrupt voting system contest?
  7. Josh by far the best singer so far!
  8. Not yet, but the European Parliament comes close :D
  9. And cut the negativity, eh? Go with the flow or crawl back into your fcuking hole.

  10. You are a hermer or a stupid girlie girl who has never even been ridden by a squaddie, let alone are one.

    I claim my £10
  11. Miss Fitz were so carp it was like they were having fcuking fits!!
  12. Only Misfit's worth listening to have Glenn Danzig in the band.
  13. Josh, Alexis and Esma are through! My votes going to Josh unless he fcuks up badly in the final song.
  14. Bit of a rip off from Kim Wildes "Kid's in America".
  15. Is Pete Waterman tone deaf?? 2 of his final three can't hold a note without going flat! Josh is the only one who can carry a tune!