Son wants to be an air tech

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crunchie, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Son has been advised by careers office to be an air tech due to his GCSE exam grades and predicted AS levels, pending his BARB next week.

    He has a GCSE C in maths and admits he could have got a B if he had bothered his arrse, sorry revised, teacher supports this wild theory!

    How hard is the maths during training to be an air tech, as son reckons GCSE grade B would be the highest he could achieve.

    Cheers for any advice, expect a few "i would disown him" type comments too. :D
  2. Think I'd be happier if mine told me he was gay.

    Don't worry about his Maths, a pass is a pass and he'll do fine with that.
  3. Hmm... Why not the God's chosen Corps Of The Royal Engineers? As a design trade, obviously.
  4. You mean he's still not told you?!?! ;)
  5. Even his mam said.

    "you want to be a powder puff!!!"

    Personally i would be happy if he did this as a trade. So long as it means he moves out soon.

    Thanks so far.
  6. BATs are loaned that beret, vile retarded wretches
  7. At least you would have company at the father and son nights in the "Blue Oyster Bar" though Sparky!! Sorry I meant the Tech Elect re-union!!
  8. MDN, I thought that was the pre-requisite for getting one??
  9. Firstly I got a C in Maths, English and Science which is the minimum required for that of a technician. I have seen people with A and A*s fail the same course that i passed with ease, so as long as he has C or above then he has just as much chance of passing the course as the next man (depending on effort). I'm quite suprised that the careers office only offered aircraft technician as there are a few more technical trades that he might be interested in such as Avionics Technician or Electronics Technician. I would highly advise electronics however it depends on what type of equipment he wants to work on and how restricted he wants to be on being able to get posted to a variety of places.
    The maths isn't as hard as people make it out to be, a lot of people just make the mistake of drinking too much during their time at Arborfield.

    All the best for your son joining, top 10% of the army :)
  10. Cheers Duff Man

    He had to choose 2 there and then, so he chose Air Tech and Tankie( he watched a discovery program about Challenger 2!!!). No hardship with him doing either, rather he picked a trade though.

    However once he has done his BARB, he can see what he is offered. I am just glad he has made the choice to join now, rather than bum around college, which he admits he is bored of, for another year and then decide to join.

    All his other 7 grades were A*, A's and B's, so he is fairly bright.

    Screw the Nut, naught against the Fat Badge Corp either, but would he still have to spend a certain amount of time as a Combat Engineer first, before doing a trade?

    There is more chance of him getting a good choice first nowadays, rather than being put into whatever they happen to be short of, like back in the day.

    Cheers again for all the advice.
  11. What trade your son chooses should echo what he wants to do when he leaves the forces and where is general interests lie.

  12. Load of cack. They can be completely seperate, why would someone who potentially could leave at 55 years of age as a Lt Col be worried about what they are going to do once they get out?
  13. Surely, if he has designs on being an Aircraft Technician he would be much better off in the avionics side of God's real chosen Service, the Royal Air Force.

    WE have proper aeroplanes to work with to start with, much more variety of types and of course, pay an' all!

    Fun, fun, fun!
  14. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with this.

    All of the ex forces I know, including myself, didn’t follow their military trade/discipline into civilian life.

    By example, ranging from SSGT to Major, Milkman, Postman, Financial Advisor, Facilities Manager, Fleet ops Manager, Bus Driver (ex ASM), Double Glazing (director level, and not the Major), Long Distance Lorry Driver, nary a one doing what they did whilst serving.

    It’s also widely acknowledged that most ex forces will have at least 2-3 career changes after discharge.

    Now I’m not saying there wont be, and there are probably are, a significant number of ex forces plying their military trade, what I am saying is do what suits now, do it well and enjoy it.
  15. Try e-goat they may believe you, should read if you want to be gay join the RAF we have more aircraft to be bent over .