Son thinking of trying for AT trade.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ratso_Rizzo, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. In shock at the moment, Youngest son (19) just informed me that he is thinking of joining up and that he quite likes the idea of the AT trade. Now I used to be in the trade myself many moons ago. Joined 1972 AAC Chepstow. My question is How different is it now to my day?. When i completed my course i worked at the Lazy K then Pombsen as a Depot donkey.What happens now after competing the course?Is there any depot work? Any infomation would be appreciated.

    Also A very merry Xmas to all ARRSERS And especially any Ex Albert Tatlocks out there.

  2. No more masses of baby ATs at the depots, we really only have Kineton for ATs to work out of for their bread and butter. Most are sent straight to 821 to fulfill Close Support AT work, however this is often few and far between. There are still tours as No2s.

    Still an good trade with excellent promotion (for those that keep their nose clean). He should be able to get his face into an 11 Regt Troop prior to joining which will at least give him a little insight.
  3. Encourage him to go for it! As you know; he will do and see things he would never do and see in civvy street and join what I consider to be the second most exclusive club in the world - the Sgts Mess being the first which he would probably end up joining anyway. Granted there are unpleasant things to do and see but every job has an unpleasant side.

    The future potential after 22 years is unmeasurable and, as the Chairman of the Association of Technicians, ( I could spend the rest of tonight listing the professions AT's have gone on to after 22 years service in the trade.

    Good luck and merry christmas.
  4. The trade is still a fantastic job, despite what some of the more doom and gloom merchants would have people believe, good promotion prospects and genuine job potential after the army.
  5. Morning all. Thanks for the replys to the post so far. Ratso Minor attended ACIO yesterday, had chat for an hour or so. Informed that mostly ok but bit weak on maths. Has appointment for barb test week on Thursday. Has been told that he will need a score of approx 70 then see how it goes. Once again thanks to all for info.
  6. He'll have to work on the maths to get through AT selection. Will be worth it in the long run.
  7. Are you a member of or aware of the Association of Ammunition Technicians? Feel free to PM me or e-mail at We have awebsite at Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. I got the lowest ever maths scor on a pre select and I'm still here!!!! A certain Ex School 2ic said and I quote, "Cpl SXXXXXg that is without doubt the lowest Maths scor I have eva seen here!!!"

    And look at me know ;)

    PM if you need any help or advice, I used to speak to most of the ATCABS

  9. ehrr - was that your Maths or English score :?
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Must have been the Maffs and England scaw.
  11. The future potential after 22 years is unmeasurable ???????????????????????

    After 13 years I am bloody unemployable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still, I have my twisted psyche to keep me warm...................
  12. Morning all. Went with Ratso minor to the ACIO yesterday as he was to do the Barb test. Quite good result obtained score of 80. However GCSE grades have let him down. So will not be entering the trade. Once again thanks to all who provided advice, much appreciated.

    Regards Ratso

    Ratso minor to become a Wedge oh the shame, the shame.
  13. No shame there Ratso. He can now sit back and join in the ribtickling sport of AT baiting. I would have sympathised if he had ended up as a trog or supplier. Just be prepared for the endless harping on about Rourkes drift, Mr Chard and a stupid fcuking card game named after a plant!
  14. Thanks BPS666, as for AT baiting I have had it from him for the last 15 years so he,s in good position to become world champ. Seriously not bothered that he has chosen to go RE. Its his life and he knows what he wants to do. Just glad that he has had the guts to actually go ahead with joining. Hope he enjoys the life as much as I did.

    Cheers Ratso.
  15. Once in, he can transfer to AT. The GCSEs won't matter then.