Son stabs dad in sausage row.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SausageDog, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I read that as

    'Son's STAB dad in sausage row'

    And immediately thought;

    'Oi! You! ONE fucking sausage! You CUNT!'

    But I wasn't right.
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  2. Lol. Should have gone to SpecSavers.
  3. Nah, should have learned to read.
  4. Wasn't the sauage big enough, and did it hurt when the stabbing occurred...?
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  5. I've known a few prisoners in for snapping when cutting up the veg. Never wind your birds up when they're cutting up veg. One I remember she got him right in the femoral artery he died very quickly.
    We sometimes for pictures from the post mortems one started and didn't stop, every organ she hit.
  6. No, and yes.
  7. one of his 5 a day?
  8. Drunken Mutant Ninja Mackem... I bet the police had a titter or two
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  9. The knife wounds after the organs were removed were just everywhere. Dozens of them, my brother a police officer was involved with the case, she went out to the shop, came back and stabbed him some more.
  10. I read it diferently too. I took "row" to be an isle.
    I expected an altercation in the supermarket meat dept.

  11. I suppose her legal defence was rather tenuous in that case. Unlikely she could claim self defence or red mist if she went out to buy Bovril and wet wipes while the poor sod leaked his blood all over the quarry tiles.
  12. She got off with it.
  13. sausage? stabbing?, I thought for a moment this was going to be some sort of durty hermer thread?
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  14. Glad I'm not on the dating scene! =|