son sickness as bad as home sickness

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alexa0179, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. first the rant: I cant believe poor squaddies have to pay to come home, its bloody disgusting, IF HE WAS WORKING IN TESCOS HE'D BE HOME EVERY NIGHT FOR £2.80 AND GETTING PAID ROUGHLY THE SAME!!! but no, he joins the army passes out with flying colours, tells me to "chill" he'll be fine.what does he know? he's bloody seventeen and in august next year he'll be 18 and 3 months and some sod will be bloody trying to kill him, I know!, he's just like thousands of other junior soldiers, well i'm speaking for them all! his home, and please remember he hasn't left home or been abandoned, he works for the army THIS IS HIS HOME, WE ARE HIS FAMILY! IS 250 miles from base ! We, his family are told we are an important part of his life, we are the support network that makes life in the army much easier,and I quote !" support your sons and daughters, there are tough times ahead and they need you!". so why even after applying his railcard discount is he having to pay £59 to get home for a weekend? we're not on great wages ourselves, so as well as phone calls and bits of goodies through the post (which often don't arrive) to keep up morale. we find ourselves scratching around between us to get the poor little sod home now and again.what the hell is going on? these boys should be at home, finding their feet as adults,but under watchful eye of parents who are ready to step in when needed. but no, the army says "you have nothing to worry about " parents are given a very false sense of security about the welfare of their sons and daughters by the british army.if he was a little sod and robbed people and stole cars he'd be in open prison with nice single room accomodation,no tv license to pay , state of the art everything ,free tickets home for good behaviour and probably have a few nice holidays thrown in for good measure. IT'S BLOODY DISGUSTING!!

    now for the polite question, is there any way of saving more money on travel? and i can't book online because his local station doesn't have a pick up service for tickets. and i can't post them on to him cos his post keeps going missing .can anyone on base book his tickets ?
    thanks for reading? and for pc reasons . obviously I apologise if I have hurt the delicate feelings of any criminally minded young yobs out there! :twisted:
  2. How far is he from Sheffield?
  3. Maybe he wants time with his new mates rather than an obsessive over protective parent.
  4. Yeah, newsflash, he HAS left home, you can't tie him to the apron strings forever, maybe you should be proud that he wants to do something better with his life then stack shelves in Tesco...
  5. deepcut far :crying: I stand corrected by hubby! is 186.9 miles. nearer than basic, but still too bloody far !!
  6. did I say I wanted him to stack shelves? I'm complaining about the cost of coming home on leave you cretin. obviously you haven't been through basic . I have two kids serving . and regularly we offered a bed to one of our daughters section whose parents lived aboad during basic.I'm a H4H rep. I also know all about people who imagine that they know it all because they have read a couple of mac nabb books, the kind of people who like the idea of the army but haven't quite got the balls!! but thanks for your comment.
  7. I was posted to Germany when I was 17 ½ and only travelled back to UK maybe one or twice a year. As the old saying goes, It never did me any harm.
    As others above have eluded to quite eloquently above, your little baby has grown up and moved away so you need to learn to live with it.
    Why does he want to go home anyway? He could spend the money he would use on travelling buying ale and then maybe try his hand at getting his leg across the local girls. :wink:
  8. Blimey so much anger in so few posts.
    Calm down,take a breather.
    Later today,or even tomorrow,pose your question,without the ranting.There is a lot of knowledge around here,and you will be given very good advice from those who have been there and done it.
    Even then,if no-one can answer your question,you will be pointed in the right direction.
  9. Did you not write that book how to win friends and influence people in the NAAFI Bar?

    I especially liked the Chapter, "Wading in feet first" although I also enjoyed "Throwing your teddy out of the pram by numbers" :lol:
  10. Sound advice.
  11. Alexa0179, have you ever been in the services yourself ?
  12. Go steady Bigun, don't the kids get a certain amount of warrants, I remember my boy did a few years ago, but I still did the long haul from Wiltshire to Harrogate fridays and sundays.
    Surely someone on ARRSE must know the allowances.
    With regards the pay, yes it is shite.
    Alexa, have you tried the usual car shares, meeting half way arrangements, anyway, good luck, be proud.
    Cheers, Headgash.
  13. Sorry but you just got to live with it, I joined at 15 and my Mum never realy forgave me and she had at least 2 of those telegrams that the police used to delliver when I was wounded or smashed up, it's the life of a serviceman's family I'm afraid.
  14. Is this a wah, shouldn't it be on welfare / charities?
  15. Or Travel?