Son of Gadaffi


This is what crack can do to you and your family........ how the feck did he get a commission, and who came first Ali G or pipeman ?


I seem to remember Gaddafi senior shipping arms to PIRA so I wish those working to overthrow him every luck, and the sooner he winds up swinging from a lamp post the better.
It's a shame Gaddafi didn't ship to NI munitions in the condition of these:

Another media photo today showed stacks of wooden crates inside a munitions bunker . . . resting directly on the dirt or concrete as the case may be.

On the brighter side, a man performing maintenance at the Benghazi Prison in hopes of hosting a western-style necktie party for Gaddafi:

It just would not do to have a malfunction resulting in a botched, slow, painful drop.

Or would it?
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