Son of Gadaffi

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Am I right, CNN seems to be calling him Safe opposed to his dad, who must be Unsafe Gadaffi. Bit chancey,him.
  2. I know his little brother lockbox
  3. Spelling?

    I thought his dad is called Gaddafi Duck.
  4. How much daffier than this:


    Evil fuckwad and world class walt.
  5. Yep Gaddafi Duck. Shouldn't that be evil walt and world class fuckwad? Nah, you are right.
  6. I bet he's sat in one too many bubble pipe bars exclaiming how he was on the balcony....
  7. I seem to remember Gaddafi senior shipping arms to PIRA so I wish those working to overthrow him every luck, and the sooner he winds up swinging from a lamp post the better.
  8. In the murky past I seem to remember the Colonel meeting a footsoldier with a minging wife in a tent somewhere, surrounded by camels. Such is the power of British industry. BAe...Allah , Allah.

    Yes, I know the minging wife didn't go with him, but the hangers-on probably compensated for the usual smell of oversteamed fish and made the locals feel horny.
  9. All I can say is promotion must be bloody slow in the Libyan Army, he's been a colonel for 40 odd years - do you think he failed his promotion board?
  10. Perhaps only colonels can wear pastel blue uniforms. It may be his favourite colour.
  11. Loads of medals, though. A case for the Waltkommando ? Got a phone number ? Address is Number One, The Tent, Desert, Near Oil.
  12. Don't those hairy bits around his Poppa's mush look a bit like a lopsided clunge....?
  13. You sir, are a twisted man. I am relieved to see that there are people out there that see pussy where even I do not... The whole Ghadaffi family would make excellent spitting image puppets, dont you think?
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    LSE has been giving left-wing economics degrees to the thrird world for 70 years. Loads of the people we turned the Empire over to where educated there and its teaching in the 40's and 50's shares some of the blame for the socialist basket cases many African colonies became. Prof Held's comments about his protogee shows that they haven't learnt anything. Does he really think that a veneer of western liberalism would trump the reality of losing the wealth and privilige these people have?

    Nice to see the grauniad having a pop at it's intellectual home