Son joining up RAMC TA and up to date CMT info required

Good afternoon (local time)

I have searched the threads and most of the info here is 2010-2012. My son has asked about joining up. I have of course steered him to my old regiment but now ask the following q's so that I can advise him best.

A few years ago there was some BS about TA ...AR, only taking civi qualed paramedics for CMT role. Whilst the official line, I did meet some going through basic that were not and later within reg, 2 that were not. IS THIS STILL THE CASE? Can he even join as a CMT?

MAYBE... He would be joining a non RAMC unit poss. (RA), and therefore is hoping to do phase 1 as per and phase 2 as CMT if the regiment allowed that now.

All advice to see him on his way is warmly received.
Course he can join a non AMS unit as a CMT. As long as the unit in question has PIDs. Also the local AMS Unit ( be it a Med Sqn or Fd Hospital) wherever you are in the country where they will train your lad up through phase 1 trg and CMT trg. With recruiting as it is - it's all about the numbers!

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