Son joining as an Air Dispatcher

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by novembercharlie, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. My son wants to join up as an Air Despatcher so he can fly and then hopefully get in to another flying job with the AAC. As an ex member of the RAF my only experience of air dispatchers was 47 AD at Lyneham in the early 80's. Can anyone tell me where he is going to do his basic training, what he will be doing when fully trained and where is he likely to be stationed? I'd prefer him to do something technical as he has A levels but neither I nor the staff at his recruiting office can persuade him otherwise. The Army website makes things all sound as glamorous as possible but I know from my own experience that a good many jobs can turn out to be totally unrewarding, will his choice be the same?
  2. "Scum bags" is hardly a constructive attitude to present to your son is it ?

    47AD are to operate from Brize once they leave the soon to be closed Lyneham. AD work, rigging, flying, ops, supporting RAF training, driving ............

    With a good brain and the right attitude he can do well. There are former Despatchers (note spelling) in the AAC and elsewhere across the army but they are rare. Remember that the AD world is RLC. AAC are a completely different corps with all the obstacles, real and created, which that implies. It can be done but it will require a committed approach if the move is to be made. There are also ex despatchers in the RAF !
  3. Does he want to fly? Or be flown? Significant difference between the two. He might find it more rewarding to join the AAC and get more deeply involved in aviation ops than becoming a freight-handler.
  4. Will be posted to where the aircraft are, which is Brize for his trade, C130's (for a few more years) C17's and the A400M. Brize will probably be where he spends most of his career, brand new slam blocks, easy access to Oxford so nothing to complain about. Other then push things out the back of aircraft i dont know what he'd do? They are also Drivers so MT stuff i guess. There is a trials and evaluation unit for air delivery he could get posted to, they seem to do some interesting things.

    They get to do the survival courses for sea and land as they work on the aircraft's, i know the water one's good so that will be something.
  5. I was with 47AD for going on 2 years back in 2004 running the MSP rigging and DZ NCO courses and thought they were a very professional unit.
  6. Sorry about the earlier comment about 47AD, all I remember of them was my mates and myself regularly getting beaten up by them in the NAAFI pigs bar. Anyway, I have now amended my post. Thanks for your answers by the way.All very encouraging.
  7. I originally wrote "despatchers" but the smell checker wouldn't accept it.
  8. Whats that involve? I might be confused as to what MSP is. Is that 'rigging' to the items to be dropped, or you were actually a parachute rigger? I'v done ram air packing, but our trade as far as i know never become riggers. Certainly a qualification that's sought after civi wise!

    Sure you didnt mistake dispatcher wings with para wings or something?
  9. 47AD was part of 13 Air Assault until around 3 years ago so there are badged up lads there aswell......I was a HLSEI so inspected the HUSLE underslung load kit for my sins. As far as I know Falls would of been teaching the lads how to put it all together correctly and correct procedures as a rigger of daily and after use checks plus procedures on a DZ (also beating us HATS up).

    To get back to original question basic training would be 14 weeks at Pirbright.