Son interested in joining the Intelligence Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by justjack, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    My son has recently finished 6th form and has expressed an interest in joining the Intelligence Corps as an OPMI (I think).

    After reading through the threads on this forum it has struck me that Int Corps training is extremely demanding mentally and a difficult position within the Army to get into.

    This brings me onto my question, do you think a person with 10 GCSEs graded A*-C and 3 A Levels (grades A, B, E) would academically be up to the mark to succeed in the Int Corps?

    Obviously without meeting my son it's very difficult to judge how well suited he is to the Int Corps and I appreciate this may be a bone thread. But I would hate for him to get his hopes up over a trade that he could very likely not make the grade for, as it does seem that the expectations from what I've read for getting into the Int Corps is almost as high as that of being an officer.

    Thank you very much in advance
  2. Welcome, JustJack, to Arrse!

    Hmmm, your son has 10 GCSEs graded A*-C and 3 A Levels (grades A, B, E) and you want to know if OPMI is within his capabilities?

    Easily, I would say.

    But why isn't he thinking of applying for a commission on the back of his 2 good As (the E grade wouldn't cut the mustard)? Or going to university?

    What are the subjects at A Level?

  3. I don't think he has really considered a commission, but I hope when he visits the AFCO they may open up the route to him.

    As ofr University, he has friends a year older who started university last year and spent some time with them at their halls of residence, and for some reason, it set him dead against uni. I think it's possible that judging by a lot of his friends they are using uni as a stop gap for the real world and aren't really enjoying their courses but loving the social side.

    The subjects at A level were Sociology grade A, Politics grade B and Psychology grade E.

    Thank you very much for your response, it has put my mind at rest. He has been working at a job he hates in a warehouse since finishing school and would love him to get moving with his career :)

  4. You haven't met your son? Sounds more like Jeremy Kyle!
  5. Nice observation :thumright:

    Just found out it was a grade D in psychology rather than an E, my mistake
  6. I have 5 GCSE A-C grade, and somehow they let me in!
  7. As I wrote earlier, I don't think he will have any problem at all if he wants to follow that particular route.

    He should, however, discuss the commissioning route with the ACIO who should point him at Officer Recruiting.

    It will be worth your while browsing the relevant fora for soldier and officer recruiting on here to see what else you can learn. More correctly, your son should be undertaking the research; you aren't considering joining us... and he is! :D

  8. I think he has had a bowse through this website and the British Army website not sure how in depth he has gone though. Last question, he wears glasses, is this an issue for entry to the Int Corps?

    Many thanks for all your help :D
  9. Internet is a wonderful tool.
  10. I went to school once. Dreadful place!
  11. He should be ok, has more [quals] than I did when I joined.
  12. Much of the selection will be based on aptitude. He could be really bright but still fail miserably on Tech selection.

    There really is no way to say if he WILL be suitable; he would need to show some degree of academic performance in order to get a foot in the door, but that's just the start of his assessment, and he could still struggle.

    Good luck to him.
  13. I went to college... once.
  14. We all remember that.
  15. are the son arn't you...who's mother says "bone thread"...and knows the abbreviations for the job...

    You read this forum and actually believed what was written?....I personally would check things and take them with a pinch of salt till I did... :lol: The army is waiting with baited breath to answer these questions and has training to do so, stop letting them save money on the side and ask directly the people in the know and a uniform :)