Son doing Basic training at Pirbright

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by marinamoonmunkee, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Hiya
    Just thought I'd introduce myself. my names Sharon and I come from Staffordshire. I don't know ANYTHING about army life but am very willing to learn :D My son is in week 8 of his basic training at Pirbright. I'm missing him like mad (first time he's been away from home) :cry: . He's had a couple of dodgey weeks but is hanging in there. Looking forward to seeing him pass out in August. Hope to meet lots of other Mums etc in the same postion. x x
  2. hi marina im not in same position but my boyfriend is in his first week of basic at bassingbourn, im new to all this too but these sites really do help, i dont want to sounds rude to people on here but i was advised to go onto sister site 'rear party' link is on top of page, its really good and everyones so nice, i dont want to sound like people on here are not because i havent spoke to people on here yet, but im sure everyone on either site would help.
  3. 8 weeks in and he will be over the worst of it!
  4. Hi Sharon, both of you hang in there. Everybody has the same feeling about this so you are not alone