Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KEVKJ, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. My son joined the REME 12 months ago.
    He was taken on as a metalsmith in the REME but failed a practical exam so he was going to join the signals.
    Whilst out of training he got charged by the police for being drunk in charge of a vehicle ,so this has held up his move.
    He has been out of training for 5 months.
    His commanding officer had him in this morning and said they will have to discharge him as he has been out of training for 5 months due to the ongoing court case..
    He is gutted he loves the army .
    Could he possibly rejoin the army later again ?
    He would quite happily join the infantry ,any advice appreciated.
  2. i think that your lad has had his chips,if you have been dishcharged you will not get back into any of the services,or ta ,i think he mat be hiding something as i am surprised he got dishcharged for a drink driving offence,i would ask what else he has been up to
  3. He'd even join the Infantry? Really? He's not good enough mate.

    If he can play an instrument, they might let him in the band.

    (PS A stylophone doesn't count)
  4. Thanks for the replys.
    Its not the offence thats causing him the problem ,its the legnth of time out of training .
    He told me it will not be a dishonourable discharge .
    When the court case is settled could he then rejoin.
    By the way i did not mean the infantry as a insult just not a trade.
  5. Try the don't need a driving license.
  6. If it’s not a dishonourable discharge then tell him to join the TA.
    He should be able to transfer back to the regs if he works hard and keeps his nose clean after a period of time.
  7. So what has he been doing for the last 5 months? Has he been at Blandford waiting for a training course, or has he been at REME training depot waiting for a move?

    I tend to agree that you son might be telling only part of the story, and there are other matters being taken into account here (perhaps disciplinary matters). I'm also prepared to accept that the Royal Signals wont take him on with an impending court action against him. For all they know, they will invest in training the individual only for him to be banged up for the offence (you dont say how serious a drink driving offence it was).

    Your son needs to take some advice on whether he will be able to re-inlist once his personal problems are sorted. He should speak to his RCMO (Regimental Carear Management Officer).

    Oh, and slap him hard about the head for being an idiot.

  8. I only know what he has tod me.
    The charge is drunk in charge of a vehicle not drink driving.
    He has been at the reme training centre near liphhook.forget the name.
  9. Hmmm. So he failed his trade training? Usually he would get a second chance at a test (the army is not THAT wasteful) at a later date. He would have had to have completed his basic training before trade training, so in fact he has completed basic training, just not trade training. If he was put into a holding troop\platoon whe would be kept busy, even if it was a menial job, it sounds to me like there are other things going on here as there are people waiting up to 12 months to attend some trade courses. If he liked the army as much as he claims then maybe he can discipline himself to stay off the pop for a while, but my guess is that alcohol has more to do with the decision to discharge him than any excuse he is giving you. Ask him what other trouble he has been getting into.
  10. That's why you are being discharged're too thick.
  11. He is at Bordon then mate. Very surprised as a caring parent you didn't know the whereabouts of your son though. Quite frankly though as someone said earlier there is probably more to it. For example, I once knew of a couple of Soldiers Awaiting Trade Training (SATT) who have been actually caught drink driving. These are soldiers who will have been in the same position as your son with regards to their Army career. They carried on.

    At the most he may have been told to switch trades e.g. as a trainee vehicle mechanic you can't be expected to carry out the trade without the ability to drive legally. I think earlier you said he was training to be a metalsmith. My bets he would have been allowed to continue even without a licence, drunk in charge of a big hammer and a piece of tin is actually not an offence.

    However, for his offence discharge does not automatically follow, it is not grounds for it either.....unless there is something he is not telling you perhaps?
  12. I know of several lads in your sons situation (ish) i.e. 6 months out of training who have been done for D&D and all that has happened is the lads get reduced or kept as class 3 until the ban is up. I am guessing your son as been discharged for something more serious than he is admitting or he is a problem case in his unit so they want rid and this is just the opportunity.

  13. Drunk in charge is drink driving.
    I am very surprised that under the modern fasttrack court system for such offences he has been waiting for 5 months. In my area most people are dealt with in matter of weeks unless they are contesting the charge?
  14. I was just gonna say that! 5 months for a court case on DiC?!? Tell your son to pull the other testicle. 5 months gone means 5 months collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and building a prosecution case! He's not telling you the full story. Suggest you wait until he comes home on weekend leave and twaat him one between the eyes, then ask him again what the charge is!