Son at basic training Catterick!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by bonj, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. :( He is finding it hard, any other parents having this problem with their son and whats the best way to help them through this hard time?
  2. wow i now its guna b hard i go to cattrick in 3 weeks hope it isent to hard
  3. Could you repeat that in English?
  4. My cousin's at Catterick doing basic aswell, he says its hard, he said when he got there 3 of them signed their discharge papers within the first week!! what reg is your son in?
  5. one of my mates is there the now and my mates mum was saying hes finding it really hard . the best advice i could give to your son is dig deep and push on .. he'll be proud of himself if he completes the course , at the end of the day everyone finds it tough but thats what friends are for and im sure he will have met some there!!
  6. Wasnt at Catterick for training but on my first night a lad tried to jump the fence !

    Its all new and a bit daunting, Im 33 and still remember how intimidating it was but also remember well how quick I settled in.

    It depends on his personality, those that are gregarious, loud, opinionated, expansive with tall tales ect generally have a rough ride if they havent got a shiny personality that outweighs their faults, however if he is too quiet, not too confident, a bit stand offish then that too can be an issue. Regardless of what bracket he may or may not fit into everyone struggles at some point. The physical/mental aspects aside, all those that have turned up are away from home, without (some) of the comforts they are accustomed too and whether they are on an 8 month basic or 14 weeks depot course the fundamentals are the same.

    Tell him to keep his eye on the prize, hell be home a fair bit, loads of new mates and so on....hell learn the other benefits that you will hopefully never be privvy too once he passes out and joins his unit. :D

    Have you served ? My Dad and Grandad had both worn my intended capbadge and the eternal line "Good luck lad, dont make me look a c*nt now theres a good 'un" as he helped me on the train was quite effective ! :D
  7. i was based in Catterick for two years in the 90's. in the 90's it was a hell of a dull place, but on a recent vist to see friends, i did note how much the place had changed - the even have McDonalds!
  8. I wish theyd stop parking their cars on the private car park opposite my bloody house blocking the access to the chippy and creche,
    ITC ban recruits from having their cars on camp and doesnt supply anywhere for them to park, Its beyond the fookn joke. It'd be different if they started parking their cars on the road outside the Guardroom.

    They litter the sh!t out of the car park with their rubbish even though there are bins there and block ppls cars in on the car park too. Bloody recruits!!!
  9. recruits are supposed too park at the garrison church car park, if they are parking anywhere else ring the badge man
  10. Of course they are finding it hard, It isn't supposed to be easy!

    Out of their comfort zone and some discipline won't do any harm.

    Most of us have been through it and not suffered (many) after effects :wink:
  11. Cheers for the info sandy

    Will do that

    Didnt know they had a designated car park.
  12. Stick with it. I think if we are all true to ourselves there is nobody out there who did not question their motives as a recruit. It's like growing up from a 14 year old into an 18 year old inside 8 weeks.