somthing to make you laugh, and where did it originate ?


here is something to make you laugh.

Even though I've been out for a few years the ''army way'' of speaking has never left and never will leave me and it can also produce some excruciatingly embarrassing and funny moments like this episode with my 4 year old daughter a while back whilst on a long weekend back home in UK.

This is how it started ,a while back I was tidying my garden, as you do and i was sorting the old compost heap out and fcuk did it hum.

Well i commented to myself loudly , fcuk that thing is fcuking gopping, and after that I didnt thing anything else about it.

Well as I said we were back in Blighty for a long weekend and went out for a meal with a really good friend and his wife and kids to a rather posh restaurant,and we ordered our food which seemed ok, as you can guess my daughter said something that made the whole restaurant go quiet and made my wife want to crawl under the table.

It went like this,

food served,waiter still at table, my daughter (who is bi-lingual) takes a fork full of her noodles, puts them in her mouth, looks at me and spits them out, I say what up, and she says in German that they dont taste nice, my friend sitting opposite looks at me and asks, ''what did she say?'' and before I could say anything she shouts at the top of voice ''Uncle xxx, them noodles are fcuking gopping''.

You can imagine how my wife looked, I didn't know where to look or what to do so i just drank my beer.My mate thought it was rather funny but Christ did my missus give me a bollocking for teaching our children them kind of words when we left the restaurant.
I asked my daughter where she had heard me say those words and she said last week in the garden papa.

so the moral to this story is always look around and behind you before gobbing off.

The other part of my posting is in regards to were did our slang originate ?

Words like,

Bull (ing)
Racing spoon / fork
Glass house
Lance jack
Full Screw

There are loads more so please feel free to contribute as this really does interest me, and I have no doubt that it might intrest some of you as well.


Kids are bound to learn these words someday anyway, there no argument about that.


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Ulu is from South East Asia (my Googling gave me Sumatran for Up the river - inland, deep in the jungle, but I know others have found similar for other SEA languages, all meaning essentially the same).

I understand that Lance Corporal came about when in the mid-19th Century cavalry privates (the term Trooper referred to a cavalryman's horse until after the Great War) joined the infantry where their extra skills saw them elevated to the equivalent of Chosen Man and styled Lance Corporal because the lance was the latest and greatest WMD in the cavalry arsenal at the time.

Why Lance Jack? No idea.
"Gopping" was first used in Norn Iron in 1975 by 55 Air Despatch Sqn RCT, the first person reputed to have used it was one Dvr B South.

"Yomping" is a term used by booties, somewhat akin to "tabbing".

I was led to believe that Gopping came from Gopin..a Welsh Valleys word for disgusting, of course Gopin may not even be a Welsh Valley thing .

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