Somme heritage museum Newtonards Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fairy_nuff, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. I can't see that this has been done before on search. I went there on Tuesday and it is excellent. I was staying in Belfast and the public transport route looked a bit complicated so I contacted Black Taxi Tours and they took me. There is an exhibition and a guided tour which lasts 1hour and costs £5.75. The tour starts with recruitment then it's as though you are arriving in France. I learned a lot and the young man doing the tour was very knowledgable. Recommended.
  2. Sommeworld? Don't tell Jasper Fforde.....
  3. Been to the Somme Centre more than a few times on family outings and school trips. Wasn't til I was older I fully appreciated the place. Small but interesting. The recreation of a trench is good.

    Went one Easter when I was about 8 and there was no-one else there but my family (would have thought it would be bunged on an easter sunday), my big bro and I pretty much had the run of the place until I tripped over in the car park and split myself.
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    It's nice to see a pleasant outcome from a black taxi tour!!
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  5. Its not that complicated. Half hour train journey from Belfast and jump in a taxi at Bangor train station.
  6. Or No7 bus to Ards the bus to Bangor, stop right outside it.
  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes but what do you so in the intervening. 24 hours waiting for the bus back. I think I 'd use a legit taxi firm rather than a black hack of whatever side or persuasion.
    There is one black hack driver determined to keep his DLA for alcoholism. He neglected to tell anyone he was moonlighting as a taxi driver and used to cycle round to his mates house where the taxi was parked when it was his turn to take it out.

    I keep thinking it would be fun to do a black taxi tour just to see what the party line is.
  8. One for the Nortern Irons.

    Several years ago I took a black cab back to city airport. At the bottom of the Antrim road I noticed some nice old Georgian houses had been done up. Commentating on this to the "cabbie" he said they were executive housing.
    I then started to tell him how "executives" had moved into bits of London and priced out the locals. I had visions of patisseries and Porches adorning Carlisle circus.
    After making a prick of myself he explained what Executive housing was in NI.
    Made his day though.
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  9. Now you tell me :eek:) I'll know next time.
  10. The taxi was great. I booked it on line before I left England for collection from the airport, Somme Heritage Centre and Down Royal races. The taxi driver was great and didn't charge me for the trip back to the airport.
  11. You were lucky, some hapless tourists got a black taxi to take to were the titanic was built, drove them to larne charged them £40 and left them there at the docks. Got to be really careful with the black taxis, you could be getting a legit one or you could be getting a sinn fein saracen
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    Did you win anything, Bets, Best Dressed Lady or Races ! :)
  13. Got a couple of last places. Best dressed lady's outfits seemed to come from Victoria Square who were sponsoring the meeting, strange that.