Somme Coy - London Reg in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LondonCalling, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. from the RRF website:


    Our TA Fusiliers with Somme Company are half way through their tour in Afghanistan and are deployed in the now familiar locations in Helmand Province specifically in Bastion and in Gereshk where Lt Anthony Ball is commanding his Platoon of Fusiliers from Balham. They are providing force protection and patrolling in the town. That Gdsm Daryl Hickey, one of 15 regular army guardsmen serving in Somme Company alongside the TA, was killed in Gereshk on 12 July illustrates the intensity of operations there.
  2. Surprised to see that the Regs are making up the numbers in a TA formation rather than the other way around. The loss of Gdsm Hickey shows just how dangerous the job is. Well done lads and safe home.
  3. I think the other capbadges of the London Regiment are very well represented there as we speak; plus the OC is Rifles IIRC?
  4. I think the sad death of Gdsm Hickey shows how vulnerable force protection is - its definately not the softer option. I also like the fact that the regs have integrated in a TA unit - I wonder how it is working out? Any Londons on the net out there like to comment?
  5. All LONDONS cap badges are represented in SOMME Company and the OC was, prevously, in the RIFLES.

    LONDONS comprise the majority of SOMME Company (including the Company heirarchy). The second largest contingent is from the Grenadier Guards and the remainder is drawn from the TA, Regulars, Regular Reserve and a few from the RAuxAF.

    Having said all that, the company is extremely well integrated and all platoons and sections are fully mixed up with TA/Reg/Reg Res/RAuxAF working together in a seamless way.
  6. Plastic Crabs as well? Wonders never cease :)
  8. to be honest, when Gdsm Hickey was killed and Somme Coy was mentioned I assumed that it was a name given to one of the Grenadier companies - I think that the TAPIOs in theatre need to inform the press all of the facts, especially the TA bit or they will forever be seen by the general public as just a bunch of Gareths
  9. One of our lads (and occasional poster on here), Monty, is serving in that same platoon with the Woofers - his reports indicate they are definitely not just force protection.

    Good luck to all guys serving with Somme Coy
  10. Yes, good luck to Somme Company, you are doing the TA proud!
  11. For those on Armynet, the latest version of the Somme Company newsletter (with articles from the company in Helmand) has now been published:

    Somme Newsletter

    The London Regiment front page is at:

    London Regiment
  12. Best of luck, fellas. My thoughts are with you. God, that sounds gay - but you're worth it!