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Somme/Cambrai Battlefield tour 11-14 October


The next battlefield tour will take place over the weekend of 11-14 October.

We will again be staying at Snowden House.
Snowden House - www.snowdenhouse.co.uk - Home
Cost £80 per person for accommodation & short sleeved rugby shirt

The tour will, again, be lead by flyingmonkey, he will post a more detailed itinerary shortly but the out line is:

Battles of Ginchy & Guillemont.

Return to Cambrai to focus on the German counter offensive.
Plus we hope to visit d51 Deborah this time.

PM me for details of how to pay.
I'll add your name to those attending when I have your cash.

Mrs Baldy
Definitely in for this trip, will sort out payment etc once I have spoke to Bohsman..... Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon, especialy Mrs Oldbaldy ;)


Can anyone give a guestimation on how much it would cost to actually get there?

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All depends. If your traveling alone, in a car it's fuel to ferry & fuel, house is about 145K from the ferry.
If you need a lift, people will be coming from various points to Dover, so with 4 up it works out reasonable.
I live about 150 miles from Dover, I had 4 in the car, all from same town, & it worked out at £50 per head fuel & ferry.


I was going to say it might work out better for you to go Hull - Zeebrugge, then I saw the price! £119 each way!!

Edit to add.
If you get to Dover you might be able to hitch a lift with Guzzler, tiger stacker sometimes travels with him & lives even further north.

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