Somme and Ypres Holiday - Best Places to Visit

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by plant_life, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm off to Albert and Ypres in the near future for a few days and want to call on the ARRSE collective for recommendations of the best places to visit.

    I will definately go Vimy Ridge, the Messines memorial, Theipval, Sanctuary Wood and the Menin gate..

    Apart from these places what other WW1 battefields/memorials are good to visit in the semi immediate area?

    Many thanks for any recommendations.
  2. Don't miss the Tyne Cot cemetary.
  3. Beaumont Hamel, Lochnagar crater, Albert museum under the church, the sunken road. There`s also a tunnel complex just been unearthed at the Glory hole just down the road from the Lochnagar crater although I`m not sure if it`s open to the public yet.
    Grab a couple of Holts maps, they do one for the Somme and one for the Ypres sector.. Holt's WW1 & WW2 Battlefield Guide Books and Battlefield Maps - Home Page New :)
  4. The tunnels are opened up occasionally and well worth a look.
    Heres yet another link
    La Boisselle Study Group | La Boisselle Study Group
    Quite a few members of this site are involved with the dig.
  5. It is still a work on progress ask Flyingmonkey who knows a lot about the tunneling companies.

    The Australian memorial is worth a vist.
    The Australian Memorial at Villers Bretonneux

    Chavasse VC & Bar Memorial, Brandhoek
  6. The Caterpillar crater just over the railway from Hill 60 is quite impressive as are the restored German trenches at Bayernwald
  7. Vimy Ridge is definitely worth a visit (although its not really part of the Somme battlefield), I went there in 82, they did have a tunnel network which was open to visitors at certain times of the year.

    Definitely want to go to Ypres though
  8. YPRES.

    1. Why do you want to go to Sancturary wood? It was probably faked at the end of the Great War. (None of the trenches are on the 1918 British trench maps) The musuem is full of weapons rusting with a garnish of cat faeces. Go to Hooge Crater Musuem ands its preserved trenches or to the Bayenwald trench system north of Wytschaete which you can book through passcendaele Zonnebeke musuem (also well worth a visit).

    Visit the Tyne Cot interpretation centre if it is open as well as the cemetery.

    You have only mentioned Thiepval on the Somme. There are lotsof places you could visit. What is your personal interest - family/ regiment? region?
  9. Thanks a lot for all the responses.

    Pteranadon; no particular reason for specifying Thiepval, I've been there before and will be going over with my father in law.
  10. Langemarck(sp) a truly awful place.

    Hill 60 is also to be highly recommended.
  11. Beaumont Hamel ( I was gobstruck at how many times my family name was to be found on the headstones there ). the Ulster division memorial, the South African memorial, and while not on the Somme proper, Vimy Ridge is very impressive.
  12. If you want to try some of the same classy Phlegm totty you Great Grandad knocked his pipe out on, try Die Engel in Ypres, that's the shabby whorehouse next to the Novotel, the one everyone tells you to avoid.

    phlegm knocking shop page
  13. Our hotel for the staff ride was the novhotel! Took the lads about 7 seconds to sniff out the brothel!
  14. If you are doing Vimy, then as you are in the area, Wellington Quarry is worth a visit. It's only been open for a few years.


    Another vote for avoiding Sanctuary Wood. The place should be boycotted and the fat, idle, unpleasant owner used to fill-in his recently dug shell holes.

    Here some of the "exhibits" in the museum:



    That really is a Bren and a WWII Jerrycan.

    Some of the recently dug "shell holes".