'Somewhere in England: Portraits of Americans in Britain 1942-45'

Discussion in 'US' started by Goatman, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    To mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the 78th Fighter Group of the United States Army Air Force at RAF Duxford in April 1943, the Imperial War Museum has unveiled an evocative exhibition of photographs - telling the previous untold stories of our American Allies.

    The exhibition runs to December 31st at the IWM Duxford site.It is included in the general admission and visitors under 15 go free.

    STUNNING PHOTOS: Exhibition commemorating Americans


    Lieutenant Colonel David C Schilling (1918-1956)

    Lieutenant Colonel David C Schilling, 56th Fighter Group, holds an adapted hand gun in his portrait photograph.

    Schilling flew P-47 Thunderbolts and was one of the leading aces of the war. He was Commanding Officer of the 56th Fighter Group between August 1944 and January 1945.

    Major Jesse Davis of the 78th Fighter Group is photographed here with a local Duxford girl. The US and UK authorities recognised the importance of maintaining good feeling between American servicemen and women and their British hosts. Official guidance was issued on the history and cultural habits of both nations to encourage mutual respect and understanding. On a local level, efforts often focused on children, with bases holding Christmas parties and open days for nearby residents. Image credit The Roger Freeman Collection IWM

    A day or two late , and a dollar short - but thanks :-D

    Don Cabra
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    well done the yanks , we would all be speaking German now without them.
  3. Ich bin ein... Berliner!
  4. Would never have guessed ;-)
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  5. [​IMG]

    Operation Yewtree will be knocking on Major Jesse Davis door in 5...4...3...
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  6. I bet JJH takes one look at that handgun and scurries off to his workshop . . . .
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  7. The Anglosphere has proved its worth more than enough times already...no further examination required.
  8. Well done the Brits. If we'd folded . . . . y'know . . . .
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Ja...a doughnut is certainly about the right shape !:jocolor:
  10. WW II Fighter with Mod M1911.jpg

    Now that is just taking the piss. A 1911 model cal 45 pistol with a super long magazine and a foregrip - that is unique. I've seen JJH's gun shop and I'd bet he could make one, but he has more wonderful toys than that already. ;-) ;-) :p
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  11. I'd lay money the mag and the foregrip together mean that thing was modified to fire on full auto.
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  12. Looks like 3 mags welded together so 3 x 7 rounds? Or possibly a few more. Wouldn't like to have dinked the mag against something though... and the foregrip would certainly seem to indicate a 'full auto' mod to the mechanism... but why?

    I am a... Berliner!

    Commonly mistaken for a US President declaring to the world that he was a jammy donut; in a prepared speech, with German and US input, in order to allay the fears of the Berliners (ie the good people of that city) that they wouldn't be abandoned to Russian/Communist aggression.

    Wasn't it about 10 years between teh speech and the 'realisation' of what he had done?
  13. Someone born and raised in Spandau would render "I am a native of Berlin" in the language of the Fatherland as "Ich bin Berliner". Hence it took native Berliners about 10 nanoseconds to start giggling.


    As to the wacky gun mod: two possibilities - not mutually exclusive - come to mind as follows

    (a) Didn't fancy his chances in a fistfight with the locals if he got shot down over Germany during a heavy bomber raid (cue anoraks arguing the toss over operating range of the Thunderbolt :-D ?)

    (b) Just another Yankee Gun Nut, with access to gunmint-funded ammo, and an airfield full of armourers with time on their hands.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ....who couldn't afford a Mauser Bolo 1932
  15. But it didn't...

    Ich bin ein Berliner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ichbin Berliner means 'I am literally a Berliner, born and raised in the City of Berlin'.

    Ich bin ein Berliner means 'I am metaphorically a Berliner, I am with the people of Berlin in spirit and view myself as a Berlin Citizen even though I am not a true Berliner'.

    You really think the Prez of the USofA would just fcuk up like that? During a period of tensions with the Warsaw Pact, and with a whole raft of advisers ensuring that what he said would antagonise anybody?