Sometimes you dont need to explain.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrShanklysboots, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Lol.. your subject of this post is totally right 'Sometimes you don't need to explain'

    Idiots :p.
  2. That is seriously worrying, or is it a spoof.
  3. Seriously, I think we really do need to keep up with the Special Relationship, and send some missionary teachers over there educate the dumb cnuts.
  4. and of course we couldn't find the same sort of muppets on our streets.
  5. Meh... it's a spoof but with some disturbing elements of honesty. Fairly obvious the interviewer cherry picked the few idiotic people out of hundreds he talked with to make that montage. I'm certain one could make any nation look equally stupid with such techniques. What really bothers me is that the selected individuals still have voting rights here... should be a competency test or at least a literacy one one has to pass before being able to cast a ballot.
  6. Bit of comedy, nothing else. It's bloody easy to walk around, film a lot, and edit it to give a certain... impression.

    The Chaser is often hilarious though, worth trawling through their stuff.
  7. Take it from me it is no spoof!

    After living with them for a while I can state that it is a very accurate picture of the average septic in the street.

    Septic to me (I am speaking with my jockinese accent) in Las Vegas; "thats some accent you have where you from?"

    Me; "Britain and then Canada"

    Septic; "so you must be a French Canadian?"

    another occasion

    Septic in LA : "nice accent, you must be from California!"

    On a course with Masters level students, I had them convinced that indeed we did live in igloos, that we have no fridges and just bury a moose in the permafrost each year. Electricity is only turned on once a week, and we all gather at the one igloo on the block to watch TV. These are post grad Physics, Engineering Microbiology students.

    Rick Mercer produces this type of show frequently, even including Septic politicians and Uni Professors! Look on you tube for the Rick Mercer Report-Americans!

    The best way to control your populace is to keep them in a state of jingoistic patriotic perpetual stupidity and ignorance. Knowledge about the globe? Most Septics have no knowledge about what lies beyond the border of their own Parish or County, let alone something bigger than their State!

    My friend Dennis, nice guy, Texan...."I think it is great I can keep my assault weapon on my dashboard. I have got guns and ammo stashed all over my house!"

    Me: " Why?"

    Dennis: "to protect myself from them"

    Me; "who are 'them'?"

    Dennis: "you know'them '"

    Me:"no, I do not know, who are 'them'?"

    Dennis (getting agitated now):"them, you know, THEM"


    Thick as fuck
  8. That's no spoof - that has to be real!!

    Years ago on our honeymoon in Italy, I managed to drag my new husband away from the USA 94 World Cup for a day of cultural activities including a visit to the museum that has the original statue of David in Florence.

    While we were there, a busload of American tourists arrived and the museum guide made a huge effort to explain what was involved in creating the statue - from Michealangelo picking the lump of marble to carving it etc - fascinating stuff until at the end when she asked if there were any questions. This loud American stuck up her hand and said "Yeah that's great but how big was the mould??".

    The guide was stunned, poor girl and my husband mumbled - not very quietly - "Stupid Cow!" - followed by her husband turning around, then me dragging mine out of the museum and he didn't stir from the bar and telly for the next week.
  9. How ironic that they got someone with sh1t for brains to do the spellchecking on the subtitles.
  10. fcuking hell ! could accept it from kids but,well its terrifying! 8O
  11. I'm pretty sure he would get similar answers from many of our ever so bright chavs! After all look how many of the thick cunts still voted Labour in the recent elections! :x
  12. Yep, not just chavs either. In Parliament today, Alistair Campbell, with a straight face, mind you, asked Osbourne. "What does the Government intend to do about the financial imbalance." 8O

    Oops! Should have been Alistair Darling of course. :oops: Both are cunts though anyway.
  13. Damn... yeah, I hope one of his aides points out to him how absurd that sounded.