Sometimes they get it right?

I fear that the supply of ammo will run out long before the supply of idiots, however moving target practice is alway welcome.
Targets will fall when hit.

Not sure what gun he was carrying, but 45acp hollowpoints sound like a good choice.
If I was asked why I'd shot him 8 times my reply would have been "it only holds 8 rounds"

Good on him
Apparently, he was out jogging because he wanted to get fit enough to join the Military. Sounds like the bloke has the potential to be a damn good soldier!
He went jogging around midnight with £500 and a hand gun in his pocket? He obviously liked to live on the edge!
Why am I thinking 'tethered goat'?
seems a bit odd jogging out with a gun odd but its the US people do that.
jogging with $500 very odd.
mind you still removed a scumbag so fair does
And the muggers family are considering suing for overkill, apparently firing off 8 shots was over the top and un-necessary
If it was up to me, the muggers family would have to reimberse him for the ammunition.
'That person has the right to use deadly force. They don't have to retreat. They can use deadly force to protect themselves. The key is that belief has to be reasonable.'

I have heard of this principle before from US colleagues. Normally it applies to homes and the thinking is that you should not have to run from that which is yours and leave it unprotected. Seems sensible to me.
He hit him with only half his rounds at 2', sniper material he aint.
He'd been punched in the face and was suffering double vision...reminds me of the scene from Rocky IV, after Rocky's first round shoeing from Ivan Drago:

Rocky, "I see three of him!"

Paulie, "Hit the one in the middle!"
Well with accuracy like that, the £500 was probably his ammo resupply money!

Personally if you get into me or my families space, then you should think about whether you want the Co-op or a High Street firm to bury you. Sort out your choice of hymns too.
I'd love to say stop talking shit.

**** it, pack it in. Is it worth it?
That reminds me...must put some slug pellets down for next door's cat.

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