Sometimes the Aussies do things sooo well

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Unlike my local authority who bottled out of even thinking about prosecuting a local Mr Not so Big who felled some protected oak trees in order to build stables and additional garages. Nothing to do with the fact that at the time he was leader of the local Council of course.

    Room with a view spoilers punished in Sydney

    Officials have devised a brutally effective way of punishing Australian homeowners suspected of poisoning trees to improve their views - by putting shipping containers in front of their homes.

    There is an "epidemic" of people wanting to open up their sea and harbour views to be dealt with, officials say, especially in Sydney where such vistas can add tens of thousands of pounds to a property's value.

    Culprits have been drilling holes in the base of the trees at night and injecting herbicides or other poisons.

    After residents were suspected of destroying a row of 20 trees blocking their sea view, officials from Port Stephens council put two huge shipping containers in front of the cliff-top homes.

    Residents who claim they have nothing to do with the vandalism say the containers amount to unfair collective punishment.

    But Mike Trigar, from the council, said: "We appreciate that position. But it's like if you can't find the perpetrator in school, so everybody is held back for detention."

    Other councils have placed screens or banners across gaps - often bearing notices intended to shame those responsible, such as "this tree has been poisoned".

    The maximum penalty for killing a tree is a £40,000 fine. There have, however, been few convictions.
  2. Good for the Aussies.
  3. Thought the Sydney authorities would use a bit more imagination. Shipping containers? In UK we use gypsies - just ask Tessa Jowell :rage:

  4. New screen please!!

    Why the f**K can't we import a few Aussies to run the place, I suspect they'd some square some of the petty stuff that drives people out away......Wonder how they'd deal with illegal pikey camps?
  5. I bet it doesn't last long, new PM being left of centre and using blair as a role model!
  6. That is brilliant!
  7. You can´t complain at that sort of punishment.

    If whole swaithes of trees suddenly start dieing off, what do you think?