Sometimes I hate being male

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. No, I'm not heading for the op. I've just spent an evening in the pub is all.

    See, everywhere I looked there were "men" and they were on pretty good form. Laughing, pissing it up, having no regard whatsoever for anything but their own enjoyment. They were snogging "other" girls in front of their own girlfriends, having macho playfights across the floor and generally strutting like fcuking peacocks.

    All well & good - done it myself a few times as I'm sure most M users on here have. Trouble is, as I looked around, it was pretty obvious that there was sod all substance behind the strutting. See, Peacocks strut to show that they're the "best" mate for the hen, dogs fight to prove that they can protect the bitch. Everywhere I looked, these boys were doing it with no concept of what should be behind it. And some of them were older than me.

    What the fcuk has happened to the concept that MEN protect what is important to them? That they do NOT go balls out for their own pleasure at the expense of everything else? That they stand immoveable for what they believe in and would lay down their fucking lives to keep it safe?

    Cos there sure as hell wasn't any of that visible tonight, or any other night come to that.

    Maybe it's a product of the emancipation of women, maybe it's a watering down of the gene pool. I don't know. But I do know that everywhere I look there are "men" who make me ashamed to be "male" because there's fuck all seriousness behind the bullshit.

    Discuss or slaughter me. I really don't give a fcuk any more.
  2. H......youre not on the turn are you buddy?

    I am concerned for you, were you on G&T's?
    Mothers ruin you know!
  3. he's just got in touch with his femenine side again.
  4. I know how you feel mate, makes me feel quite nasty at times.
    Some of these cocky swaggering pricks could really do with a lesson in what it means to be a man, I some times think societys gone too far down the wrong turn now though to stop the rot. I think I'll have to be more carefull where I drink, and resist the temptation to tell them what I think, they would either not get it, or confuse it for an invitation to do formation dancing on the 'Old Bastards Head'
    Oh well, I'll bet every generation goes through a version of this. :x
  5. Lolol, no mate.

    Just sick of strutting little shytes who cause harm for their own amusement, and help turn basically decent women into using biatches with no conscience or consciousness beyond their own hurt and their own fcuked up emotional needs. Sure you know the type ;)
  6. LJH, I've told you before, stop acting like a poof. Get a fcuking grip man!
  7. Why were you checking out men in the pub LJH?
  8. Cos he's acting like a poof!
  9. Oh I see what pub was it the Blue oyster by any chance
  10. Pointless drivel again from the sad lonely bi-curious poster, trying desperately to claw a relationship from a web site. Who gives a f*ck what you think of anybody or anything.

    You truly are a c*nt.
  11. Biscuits, climb down off that rickety old fence mate and tell us what you really think :D
  12. I am a real man and rampant hetero tiger. Only this week I provided food, shelter and protection (from a mangy fox) for my wo-man and tiny Veg cub. I have also discovered the wheel and fire. This is before I brag about my unnerving ability to assemble flatpack furniture.

    It feels great.

    Then, on my way home late at night, I watch much younger "real men" with their fcuking stupid mullet haircuts and silly shoes and girlie tight jumpers getting hurled into the back of police carriers by the local police and laugh my head off.

  13. Jack, dunno how old you are, but welcome to middle age :lol: :wink:
  14. Oh i saw some of the "real men" try to pick a fight with the nice doggies the cops had. Think they deeply regretted that.
  15. Little Jack Homo, sounds like you need to dust off your little pink handbag again,you limp wristed poofer.