Sometimes I despair..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Fromt the new MATTs pdf:

    No material or information contained in this publication should be released outside MOD establishments except as authorised by the sponsor and the MOD where appropriate.

    Security This document is issued for the information of such persons who need to
    know its contents in the course of their official duties. Any person finding this document
    should hand it first to a British Forces unit or to a British police station for its safe return

    Then they post it on the internet....

  2. Hurrah, I thought the boss was wrong, attempt the PFT and pass the CFT

    No wait I've read it wrong yet again ....... How can such a simple subject be expanded into 136 pages
  3. To keep a bunch of civvies in a job, un-necessarily
  4. I must admit that it all seems a bit excessive. I'm going to wait till it's quiet tonight and then do a massive printing off session.

    Have you seen the timetable? Four days. They kick the arrse out of teaching First Aid and then spend sod all time on anything else. How can the TA achieve this in a weekend? By ignoring the proposed schedule. :roll:

    Has anyone read the test for the values and standards? Looks like more video watching and ticking the what you would do box. One of them is along the lines of "would you shag Pte Smith's wife, while he is deployed?" :D

    I like the idea of adding navigation, but think that removing recognition is disasterous. One of our lads couldn't tell the difference between a Warrior and a Chally FFS :roll:
  5. FFS - a 136 page document to tell us that you have to do what has been rumoured for donkys. 8O
  6. I suppose they'll just do it over two weekends then...

    BTW I got quite excited by the fact in the first aid equipment required it says FFDs, cassim stuff, etc, etc, then thunderflash, smoke grenade, blank ammunition.

    They could make quite an interesting 'live' situation for you to deal with.

    But it says optional after the last no doubt anyone running the test who can't be arsed with the paperwork for drawing ammo and pyro won't bother and it will be some bloke lying on the ground in a hut pretending to have a broken fingernail.

    boredom strikes...

  7. saw some bumf on these you can pass them on well done battle exercise .So you could pass the first aid on the reorg and the extraction could count as a cft (wont that be fun ) coy attack and then an 8k march to the heli bedfords . :)
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And then you won't need a PTI ;)

  9. except to sign off the paperwork to say you all passed I assume (having not got time to read 136 pages at the minute...) let's make sure we're all spreading disinformation from the same hymn sheet chaps ;)
  10. More likely expect some militancy from all our PSAOs - these 5 year contracts are having a wonderful effect on morale and attitude towards "signing things off" - several of whom I know (across several cap-badges) are now taking the attitude that if the CO wants all to get a Pass that's fine as long as he instructs same in writing - my god what a pathetic rule-bound, back-covering and yet still somehow micro-managed organisation we're becoming :roll:
  11. Indeed it's surprising how the rules can change when someone needs some ITD's but can't make the dates for the weekends as he's employed on regimental duties, such as the training team (eats most weekends), or driving somebody important somewhere. Saying that it's often those kind of PSAOs that will help argue your case if your eligible to have passed an ITD away on a course but someone high up questions the paperwork. CFT's on the CMS(R) for example, catches a lot of recruits out and they don't like to debate (argue is to debate without reason) with anyone with rank.

    Anyway the observation made by MSR is somewhat amusing.
  12. And as usual, some parts are not all that easy to understand.
    I've asked this elsewhere but, for example, in the APWT section the levels confuse me. It says TA must take an APWT if they are warned off for operations - what exactly does that mean? Does it mean when a deployment is imminent, or does the CoC call up a CO and say 'you will have to send some lads in the next five years'?

    If it only means when a deployment is imminent, that's rubbish - we'll only be shooting a 25m range to qualify for bounty the rest of the time!

    Crazy army, crazy life.

  13. V here's the infantry answer.


  14. DoE,

    I thank you... that's good news, otherwise I'd have been putting an irate post up straight away! :)

    I personally think everyone ought to do the APWT, you never know when you're going to have to use your weapon and make it count...

  15. Hopefully not before mobilisation and optag though - more range packages!