Sometimes, commissioning from the ranks, works against you!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Latissimus_Dorsi, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. In the autumn of last year at least 3 serving APTC officer's were turned down in their desire to transfer to the Australian Army. In contrast, the serving or ex-serving APTCI SNCOS' and WOs' who attended the interviews were accepted.

    You can't always have your cake and eat it.
  2. Wow. I nearly had to put my dumb-bell down to think about that one.

    Don't eat cake - it makes you fat
  3. "Arms Benda, and stretch"

    To those oficers attempting defection, "With a jump, right turn" and get back to work yer lazy gits :D :D
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Twice round my beautiful body, wait for it, wait for it, GO!


  5. Obviously touching all four corners of the gym first??
  6. I thought that it was - "With a jump, feet together place"
  7. "Wall Bars to Heaves"
    "Heaves to rope climb"
    "Rope climb to heaves"

    Standby -

  8. We went to the APTC passing out parade in December to watch our nephew pass out as a Sgt SI APTC.

    And we were well impressed.

    In the Sgts mess afterwards ALL his former APTC Sergeant majors (from when he was a regimental level PTI) were there to watch him pass out into their corps. 2 Para, Army Apprentices College and BAOR. And these Sergeant majors walked talking briefly to all the families of the passing out lads and conducted themselves like officers of yesteryear. The noses like "z"s and cauliflower ears maybe gave a different image but they were impressive.

    I think the Australians would snap them up.

    maybe they were not discriminating against officers but working to a criteria which the sncos fited rather better ?
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I've noticed that all APTC officers have the same nickname: 'Punchy'. Now why's that?
  10. Little story re APTC - nothing to do with the post though. I used to be a regimantal boxer. Heavyweight. QMSI said I neded to move faster around the ring and set his PT staff to chase me round tyhe ring in training. He also took me one one side and showed me how to get some extra oomph behind my punches. He said I should use this to make the PTIs go faster. So, here was warrant to get really stuck into the PTIs who were told to go faster when they complained to QMSI. I had total recall of those bstards on bikes when training.
  11. Bend down and touch your toes sunshine!!!

    Or was that just me?
  12. Well done to those who were able to read and fill out the Oz Army application forms. Question is, did they get a friend to help them read all the big words?

    ...............Carry on normal jogging.

    Direction, Change!
  14. I hardly think this is a "cake and eat it" affair. The APTC Officers have worked hard, and reached the top of their tree.

    They applied to transfer, and were turned down. Either they had personnal issues that prevented this move, or the Aussies didn't want Officer grade PTIs at the time.

    Should they have turned down their commissions? Should they fcuk have done.

    What's your story Lat_Dorsi? Were you denied commision?

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    When I should 2 touch the floor with your right hand.
    when I shout 3 touch the ground with both hands, jump in the air, head an imagineary football and changed direction.

    Questions none, exercise begin.

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  15. Memories of playing Space Invaders PTI stylee in the gym at depot in '89. Bast*rds!!!!!