Somethings not right.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Robert_Da_Hero, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. I havent had a solid shite in literally 4 weeks, having the trots for this long is surely not normal?

    In other news my good friends chick came on to me tonight and I turned her down. What a good mucker I am.
  2. ye thats definately not normal...and yeah good on ya....was she fit?
  3. Perfectly normal if you're dying of Aids.
  4. Go and see a doctor soonest, you almost certainly have the highly contagious

  5. Extremely fit, and I was just putting it down to having excessive amounts of shandy, but now im worried.
  6. Must be all the shite that comes out your mouth.

    Try sticking your head up your arse to loosen things up a little.

    Fuck off! You haven't got any friends. Wanking over the birds in the nicker section of the Freemans catologue does not count.
  7. i have not had a solid shit in 4 years fuck all wrong with not having one for 4 weeks especially if you been having a liquid diet. try popping some codiene phosphate :twisted:
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Bowel cancer can cause impotence. It is quite normal.

    PM me your bank account number, sort code and PIN. Be sure to concentrate when you post your PIN. I shall make sure a small plaque at H4H HQ is commissioned with whatever is left after expenses.

    Its not like money is going to be much use to you when you are dying shitting blood, is it, skinny?
  9. Im to good looking to get bowel cancer, bank account details incoming though just incase. I love codeine Diehard.

    Dingerr take your pent up frustrations elsewhere you piss stain.
  10. Eat a banana and wait two hours, trust me, that'll shift it.

    The same trick works for knobbling runners in inter-unit marathons, for the same reason.
  11. I will indeed try that, although I currently have no bannanas.
  12. None of that here, just bored with dull 15 year old ACF cadets, such as yourself, littering the site with inane drivel.

    It's a bit late for you sweetheart, isn't it about time mummy tucked you up with a mug of cocoa?
  13. When will you get the message? You're a total sad case who wastes his life pissing folk off. How have you not been O2'd yet?
  14. How fit is "extremely fit"? Do you have any photos to prove this? Purely for research purposes and for Jarrod and I to see if you are worth fighting over.