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Something worth supporting

Ladies n Gentlemen boys and girls,

Hear me out.

I very much dislike it when people email and contact me about giving money for a sponsored run or an event that's in aid of a charity. It's not that I don't like giving because I do, in fact my business at the moment is doing something fantastic for a charity but I'll come on to that. There are so many charities and causes that want your money, but very few I can relate to. I think this is where it comes down to, trying to hit a point where by you can personally relate to the suffering or need and thus handing your money over.

The charity which I support is one that my very friends which I joined and served with have benefited from greatly (Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund), this is something that has especially touched me. I know the Chief Exec and I know that the charity gives all the money to the people that need it and not save it up in the bank. It's about getting the money out there to the families and soliders when it really matters.

My business which has been given to great opportunity to sell tickets to an exclusive preview screening of a Universal blockbuster.

If you like to find out more pls visit this link and if you feel as though you want to give a little extra get yourself a ticket to this fantastic event.

Local Daily Deals are proud to announce an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW SCREENING


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