Something Up in Saudi ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador, has abruptly left Washington after only 15 months.There is speculation that maybe the Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal or the King may have died.
  2. If it kicks off in Saudi, where will b liar get his troops from, The Royal British Legion?
  3. I best get training!
  4. mm me too where is my lee enfield!!
  5. Nothing on Reuters as yet.
  6. Could just be that the Saudis are waking up to the threat on their doorstep posed by a nooklear Iran. Turki is a wily old so-and-so, better off strutting his stuff in Tehran and Damascus than Georgetown.

    The Saudis are getting more focussed on regional politics now that it appears that the septics and we poodles are going to destabilise the place yet further by pulling out.

    As a complete aside, there's this from the BBC: "In December 2004, Prince Turki accepted substantial libel damages and an apology from the magazine Paris Match over claims he himself was linked to the 11 September attacks". Septic opinion on this difficult matter has never really been revised sufficiently to ease his entry into social high society.

    Nobody is going to pass him the pyramid of Ferrero Rocher choccies.
  7. What source was this from?
  8. blimey it will be full on lock down if either of them has died, and probably not a good result for the world whoever takes over.
  9. First link:
  10. What is the form if (unconnected with this case of course) a Diplomat is declared PNG?
  12. Basically they're forced to leave the country which makes the declaration and are never permitted to return even in a civilian capacity.

    If the declaration is made in conjunction with an accusation of activities incompatible with diplomatic status (i.e. espionage against the host nation), the diplomat's nation will "usually" retaliate by expelling a similar number of the host nation's diplomats, again usually those they know are intelligence agents rather than diplomats, in a tit for tat reaction.
  13. This from about the last time that Turki made a sudden decision to resign, back in 2001 - and NO, I am not a tin foil hat wearer, so Frenchmong and SLRBoy can fcuk off in advance, but as I have hinted, Washington SIGINT may have uncovered some unpleasant elements in the good ambassador's contacts book.

    "Other speculation focused on the fact that his departure came a few days before September 11th. One conjecture suggested that Turki had found out about the planned attacks and was trying to dissuade bin Laden. His failure to do so, or his failure to report his prior knowledge, could have precipitated his dismissal as intelligence chief.

    A few days after 9-11, an aircraft carrying 31 Saudi nationals departed the United States. Some reports claim that among the passengers was Prince Turki bin Faisal. One of Prince Turki's brother was also said to be on board the flight.

    If we were'nt flogging 'em billions of pounds worth of Typhoons, etc, we'd be taking a long, hard look at the Saudis and we'd be asking a lot more questions. Blessings and peace be upon you all, by the way.
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