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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex-sapper, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Picture this.....
    A scumbag under the influence of 'P' attacks a man with a machete and kills him, and badly maims two woman, one of which had her hand chopped of.... 8O

    Then see the courts in all their wisdom sentence him to life in prison.... :twisted:

    then a couple of years later... like today..... the court of appeal judge Quashes...yes QUASHES his feckin sentence because he was deemed to be under the influence of drugs and wasn't in a sane frame of mind, the judge considered the poor bast.ard to be equivalent to insane and didn't have a fair trail.....

    sooooooooooooooo....... now all the witnesses including those hurt have to go through a retrial... what the feck was the usless fecking judge thinking???

    Does this mean that anyone driving drunk will be let off because they were not in control of their facalties...

    The wanker took an illegal drug, knew it would rearrange his brain, but he took in anyway.....

    GUILTY ... I rest my case.... :x
  2. mmmmm alcohol is a drug, does that mean all drink drivers can now appeal against their convictions?

    christ the justice system in this country gets on my tits sometimes!
  3. I take from your avatar and the post you don't live in the UK.
    This would not happen in UK, as intoxication cannot be used as mitigation in offences against the person (wounding, assault, GBH etc).

    Hope the scumbag dies in long prolonged agony, over a period of weeks.
  4. by the sounds of it, life was too good for the fcuker in the first place, let alone quashing his conviction.

    he deserves to die, in extreme pain, over a long period of time, and suffering excessive fear.
  5. Is it any wonder why people just want to leave the little island???? Why the h*ll do we have laws that can be appealed time after time??
    Seeing people who take drugs and drive just makes my blood boil! "I didnt know that the drugs would do this to me" B***CKS!
    Every year people get off with killing people, thats why the QC's get payed so much money! If you commit the crime just shut it and do the time!
  6. oldbaldy

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  7. I got stopped on suspicion of drunk driving recently. Hadn't had anything to drink so OK on that count but I was wasted on a heady cocktail of Viagra and Werthers Originals. (In retrospect, using the Little Mariner to steer was a bad idea).

    My question is this: Can the police test you for drugs at the roadside or do they have to take you back to the station and draw blood?
  8. They have to take you back to the station if they think you are under the influence of drugs. There, you will have to give a sample of blood or get charged with refusing to provide a specimen for analysis. The roadside breath test blow in a bag thingy only shows you have been drinking, not how much. They have not got one for drugs. Crack on with your crack pipe Mariner!!
  9. No,usally they try to extract blood in the back of their van, were a sample is swabbed off their boots
  10. A.M.

    My question is,

    Who were you going to meet in that condition ?
  11. what were the grounds for the appeal? Insanity would surely have been put forward as a mitigating factor at the original trial. If it is proved he is insane he should be locked n a secure psychiatric institution for life - and when I say life i mean LIFE - no question of getting out ever
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Deport him to the colonies, no wait...
  13. I think it is because he was in jail, he had no access to drink or drugs, was clean (so to speak) and was a totally different person. So the defence lawyer thinks, hmmm this guy is not really a bad fellow, it was the drugs that made him do it, impairing his ability to reason... rendering him insane....

    Just like when they let those paedophiles out... Well he's been a good boy in jail, not a foot out of line... so lets let him go.
    The fact that he hasn't had any little boys and girls to fiddle with in jail would have a hell of a lot to do with it....

    We have the same in NZ, Still21inmymind , you can be charged for driving under the influence of drink and or drugs, causing injury or death, the penalty is a fine and or prison and a loss of licence ...

    I think the judge and the court of appeal have overstepped their authority, the defendant didn't deny any of what he did.... :evil:
    It makes a mockery of the legal system, the jury and the police, and it undervalues the lives of the victims.....