Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by black_taxi, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Should LIVERPOOL F.C. change their anthem from You'll Never Walk Alone, to The Great Escape??????? 8O 8O 8O
    FAN-BLOODY-Tastic win last night .
    :D :D :D :D
  2. I switched off at half-time when it was 3-0 to Milan, boy was I shocked this morning to read the news and see them winning by penalties :oops:

    Well done ya scouse gits
  3. Sorry for the typing, still rather Mushy.

  4. I'm the same D-L, i switched it off at half time and went to dinner with my brother! First half was a disgrace should have been 6, there was no way that weak depleted Liverpool side were gonna win!

    Got in the car to come back to be faced with the end of extra time - What the fcuk! Had to pull over on M3 in fear of crashing, was awesome, simply awesome! Seen footage on the news when i got back!

    The question is, should UEFA change the rules and allow them to defend the tropy next season? 96% of ITV news channels think so!
  5. I know this may be pedantic, but is it not illegal for the goalie to move (ie to wave his hands to put of the penalty taker) before the ball is struck?

    If so, chevchenko's penalty should have been taken again as dudek did something that would have looked at home in an RTFQesque dance off! :D
  6. RTFQ


    I taught that fecker everything he knows.

    The rules as I understand them prohibit the keeper moving from his line before the ball is struck, he can dance like a loon all he wants.

    Okay, he did move from his line on a couple of the pens, but most keepers do. It's nice to beat johnny foreigner and be on the beneficial end of dodgy reffing for once.
  7. Especially since that rule was brought in after the AC Milan keeper kept doing just that a while back! - I think the words Poetic and Justice spring to mind. :lol:
  8. Fair point!

    Up yours johnny foreigner! :twisted:
  9. Should have been 10 down by half time - a dismal performance that echoed their season - but the comeback was great. Luck played a major part when Dudek saved twice to deny Milan. A great win but there is one major problem -

    Just like the Manc Scum we will never hear the end of it!
  10. The new ruling is that the goalkeeper can move as much as he wants as long as he does not leave his line and encroach on the penalty taker. Moving laterally along the goal-line is fair game.

    A few of the pens saw the Liverpool keeper move off his line and by the letter of the law they should have been taken again. However, we should not forget that by these slight infringments of the law, an English team got to send alot of Italians home crying into their chianti.

    Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties; la dolce vita.
  11. An english team as euro champs is ten times better than any bunch of wops or Mongchesterglazer utd. Luck, more jam than hartleys, whatever....well done
  12. [quote="RTFQ
    It's nice to beat johnny foreigner and be on the beneficial end of dodgy reffing for once.[/quote]

    And there where how many englishpersons on the field last night? :wink:

    Bloody good result though, - even for scousers! :D :D
  13. Good to see an English Premier League Captain that appears to actually come from the same town as the football club. :D

    Still, I doubt we'll hear the end of it. How long before our Lady Immaculate St.Cherie is in the strip and banging on about being a 'Lifetime supporter that goes to every match she can' ?
  14. Outstanding performance (second half).
    Rather reminded me of my own performance on a career course, OHP operator. The senior instructor warned me at mid-course. 'Camp, if you dont get a grip I'll have to RTU you'.
    I passed, grade c+. Fan-fukcing-tastic.
  15. If UEFA won't change their rules then fine. Defend what precisely? It's in their fnerkin' trophy cabinet for keeps now. "We won't bother defending our title, because it's ours forever anway. We're... erm... having a year off, so... bollox!" :wink:

    Top game by the way. Talk about snatching victory etc. Even if it was a bunch of wheel stealers. :D