Something that doesnt suck!

My good god. I'm currently living the dream!

I am prepping a load of DROPS to go into WFM.... "Groan" I hear you say. Well, stop it. Why you ask, prepping kit for WFM is a pain in the arrse and causes more work than just keeping the kit in the first place....

Well, yeah you are right. BUT, this time I'm just chucking the spares in the cab with a copy of the job-card and they are of to Bn to get fixed for me before they go to WFM! MARVELOUS!

No, seriously this is the first time I have actually seen re-balancing do what it's supposed to - my hat is well and truely off! Good work 2nd line type fellas, good bl00dy work!

I even got my first sports afternoon in years yesterday because of it!

Battsimm said:
...I'm just chucking the spares in the cab...
Call me a dim stab, if you like, but isn't the point that they provide the spares, on a just in time approach, rather than you providing your own spares?
Why yes you dim stab you are entirely correct, however, if it turns up with the bits in the cab for jobs that are already identified, it saves time on the inspection and theres no need to rely on 'just in time' processes that invariably end up as 'just out of time' processes.

Beleive me, its faster and it works a treat!


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Steady Battsim....from previous correspondence I know your opinion of the WFM procedures.....are you saying that the unaccustomed Sports afternoon came about BECAUSE of WFM ?

Or because of a REME reorganisation ?

For StabTiff2b and any others who are unsighted on what WFM is supposed to be delivering, there's a website here.

If you have the time or the inclination, click on RELATED DOCUMENTS and look at

A) the FAQ - we know this needs updating. Tell me HOW ?

B) Click on the Garrison Radio's worth a listen for the broad overview.

Lastly, they have just put up an article on the ins and outs of Controlled Humidity Environment / Battery Management which first appeared in your very own Corps journal last year, and aims to answer some of those up close and personal TECHNICAL questions.

Lee Shaver
Just to clear some stuff up...

Stabby is indeed a dim stab.

I do hate WFM/LEAN etc and everything they stand for.

Untill now! Its not being called a LEAN line this time round, its a 'Flow line'. Probably semantics but the essential difference as far as I can make out is the fact that stuff turns up from the unit with its old job-card and any spares that were demanded for it but not yet fitted. It can be VOR or RDWY, makes no difference. The fact that the old j/c is there with it means the guys on the line have a clear picture of the truck before they get anywhere near it saving time on inspecting bits - one of mine needs a new door, its on the j/c but we've not had time to fit it, so they already know it needs the door why write it down/transferit to FEMIS/demand the spares as I've already done all the leg work for them - theres a door, it needs to go on that truck, fit it.

Now there are pit-falls in the system, but, as long as the unit giving the truck into the line is honest and up-front with whats wrong with it and try their best to get the spares in with the truck, then it should all go nicely.

Now for my cynisism - what happens when its time to move from the flow-line to WFM - there is room here for a massive cluster and lots of finger pointing and unbrella warfare, but hopefully it wont come to that.

I am seriously impressed that after all of the promises over the last couple of years that the system is finally doing what it has promised and taking work away from me at 1st line and cracking it at 2nd.
Are you gonna have to reinspect before submission into WFM or are REME Bn mandated to prep vehs to STI17 or associated std? Could be the start of your troubles when/if you receive them back ... nice new door fitted but out of date 4 yearly's etc. Will they be fixing only those tasks with spares attached (CRB do). This may be an indicator that Bn are sideloading them. Just a thought.... hope you get your wagons back in good repair (this side of 2010)

Like I said, the process of loading 'em into WFM could be fraught with fcuk-ups. But as far as I can see, they are fixing everything they find on inspection but it's going to be faster as we have hinted at what's wrong by supplying the j/c and the spares Who knows if it'll work. Plus we are not likely to ever see these wagons again, so who gives a toss if they come out in good nick or not? Well I do actually, cos the ones we are sending ARE in good nick but if some other unit hasn't bothered their collective arrse and sends junk which we subsequently get next time we want some more kit, then there's the problem. It's just possible that I might have been saved a shed load of work now only to be sh1t on big style when it comes to taking someone else's rubbish on later down the line......... That to me is where this whole thing breaks down and I speak from bitter experience from a former unit.

Still for the minute, I'm impressed and happy - plus, I'm posted in a month or so, so the future machinations of this particular Regt and it's WFM woes dont really stir up that much emotion in me! (Tell you one thing though, if in my new place we need some more MMLCs, I hope we get 'our' old kit!)...

Carry on.
Just wait for a week or two, the Bn will discover it doesn't have the mapower/resources to deliver it's promise. They will initially ask for any spare civvy VMs you may have, then they'll ask for a few Cfn/LCpl to come and help out. If you are going on Ops, they'll try and take your rear party.

How do I know? 2 Bn offered the same dream last year Op SPANNER RAT. What a resounding 'success' that was :salut: Then we had the LEAN line in Iraq - :frustrated:

But remember - I'm off so it's cynicism and/or sour grapes :D


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On LEAN and stuff, this from The Craftsman May 06, - relates to 6 Bn's Winter Repair Programme in BATUS - Op Screaming Spanner. FWIW:

Source: The Craftsman, Vol 62 No5 May 2006 pp 214-216.
(C) Crown Copyright 2006

Unlike some units applying Lean principles, 6 Bn took an alternative approach to the 'Flow Line' method. Instead we went back to basics and appllied the six Lean Principles for success (Sort, Standardize,Straighten,Sustain,Safety,Scrub) where it made 'SENSE' to apply them (the secret 7th 'S' for success).
Having tools beside the tradesman,
getting spares beside the vehicle and
allowing soldiers to start and finish every vehicle they worked on kept morale high and the drive steady.

There is still a lot to learn and test in terms of applying the lean principles, but our results are obvious and we encourage others to experience lean tools and techniques whilst reworking the Lessons Identified.

Le Chevre

Its already been mentioned - right at the front of the whole thing in fact. Nothing has come of it so far, but as we have 'filled them up' with kit already and have not even got through 1/2 of it, then I can only envisage the initial 'thought' becoming a demand in the near future.......
Just another thought - remember the Bns were taking over Winter Repair Programme - to reduce the impact on 1st line trawls?

My unit received a trawl today for 4 VMs for WRP Oct 06 - Mar 07 - to help out the Bn on WRP :)

We're a first line LAD with a full complement of kit but 2/3 manned to MPA (We don't actually have 2/3 though)

Nice one centurion :)
Typical - as one aspect of re-balancing becomes a reality, another falls over and reverts to type!
Hi flatty,
WFM has hit all around us, but our CO has managed to keep his kit -they are doing the Bowman thing soon, so I think he's digging his heels in (rightly so?) and keeping it all.
Unfortunately DEME(A) / LAND / MCM Div don't worry about that sort of nicety, so MPA is still based on us WFMing, wether the EME can talk some sense into them I don't know - he is actually pretty good.

Guess what?

The list of manpower going to Bn from our place just got plonked in my in-tray.......

And so it begins!

Having said that, its actually a small price to pay for getting shot of a load of stuff, in a way......

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