Something new on the horizon.......

But sounds kinda familiar

Something incredible has arrived!

I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares! It can only be described as the gold-rush for 2009. This company is going to be huge and shares will soar in value over the coming months! You can register for free and it never has to cost you a single penny!

me2everyone is going to be a cool new virtual world where you can meet friends, chat, shop, play, watch videos, create an art gallery, open a virtual newspaper, play the free inworld lottery and make money from your own online store! You and everyone you know make the decisions, shape the world, create real incomes and share in the profits. It’s a new place where you meet new people or invite your friends. Learn new skills or expand your business. Find the love of your life or help the planet.

Membership is free and every member automatically becomes a shareholder in me2everyone Limited. Personally I have WRITE YOUR SHARES HERE shares in the venture and I am going to increase my shares very soon. This is an excellent chance for all of us to make some real progress in 2009 and beyond! Please do not miss it.

If you are looking for something really good in 2009: something that changes your view on the world, then you really have to spend just one minute and look at this website.

I am having a look just out of curiosity and if the shares thing is good like it says then great, if not, no harm done
Hmm, interesting.

Could work.

How many shares you made out of that there linky then mate? ;)
Heh, sneaky git. :p
Woah 6250.
Not great compared to some of the sites I have googled trying to see if this is a load of tosh.
I will wit and see what they want next. It nearly always ends in a catch but you never know.
So far they got my name and a disposable email address.
We will see.

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