Something new for the so-called gun mad Yanks

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  1. Silver Bullet Bullion™

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    Just imagine HMR&C opening a parcel containing one or more of these and you never receiving it/them.
    "Oops! Lost in transit, mate. Sorry about that." Oh, right.
  2. do they go bang though?
  3. Quite genuinely know someone who has a pair of 12 ga. slug loads, little sterling silver balls on a plastic skirt.

    Made from a charm/trinket thing he got at his own christening.

    Just in case!
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  4. Well I suppose The Lone Ranger would want to stock up for emergencies - ditto Lawrence Talbot (The Wolfman) if he wanted to off himself one moon-lit night, but to be frank, I see no benefit to anybody else. Silver in the shape of ammunition is just silly - unless you have The Rifle (S*R) ;-)
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  5. i have made some of my own shell loads, i turned my wedding ring into a shot load, just in case i ever feel the need to see the cunt what she was shagging.
  6. Handy for werewolves
  7. Damn, I was hoping to empty a full magazine of them into the mother in law, but they're just gay fucking drill rounds for ponces!
  8. Surely one well place round of 30-06 HP would do the trick?
    And I'll have a 30mm round in solid gold. Would be worth a bob or two.
  9. A bloke then....? American blokes have fannys apparently, you great gayer!