Something Nasty This Way Comes

Just read a newsbit about a Russian military upgrade..

AK-47's , the universal toy of insurgents everywhere, are officially being phased out in favour of the latest toy.. the AN-94.. the " Abakan Rifle" sounds right ugly.. apparently designed to deliver a two bullet 100 metres both bullets penetrate the same hole..since body armour can withstand only a single shot at any one point, a second shot delivered immediately to the ' traumatized ' area/point on the protective plate means the second shot penetrates and nullifies the defensive capabilities.. i.e takes out the ' wearer '..

always someone who has to come up with a ' countermeasure ' to every invention...

wonder how long before these make it to the ' civvie' market and turn up on the streets of hotspots about the globe..

upping the ante..

what next?
Caliber: 5.45x39 mm
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt; moving barrel-receiver-gas drive group for delayed recoil action
Overall length: 943 mm (728 mm with butt folded)
Barrel length: 405 mm
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Weight, without magazine: 3.85 k g
Cyclic rate of fire: 1800 and 600 rounds per minute variable (see description below for explanation)
Maximum effective range: 700 meters

The AN-94 assault rifle had been officially adopted by the Russian Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1994 as a possible replacement for the venerable Kalashnikov AK-74 series assault rifles. The AN index means "Avtomat Nikonova", or Nikonov Assault rifle. This rifle had been designed by the Gennady Nikonov, a Russian arms designer, at the IZHMASH state factories, during the late 1980s and early 1990s. This rifle, initially known as the ASN prototype, had been developed for and submitted to the Russian Army trial contest, held in the early 1990s. This contest, known under the code name "Abakan" (a small city in Russia), was intended to develop the more effective replacement for the AK-74 assault rifles. The ASN was tested among the many other prototypes and eventually won the trials, and was consequently adopted. Originally it was intended to replace most, if not all, AK-74 rifles in the Russian service, but it soon turned out that the complete replacement is impossible due to the economical (mostly) and some other reasons. At the present time the AN-94 is considered as the "professionals' choice", and is used in limited numbers by the elite forces of the Russian Army, police and Internal Affairs Ministry. The main body of the Russian armed forces are still armed with the Kalashnikov assault rifles, and AK-type rifles will remain in service for a long time.
photo? tried myself but with no luck(probably why I was never Int)
except they can't afford it so only spetnaz get it plus its fiddily and difficult to maintain (for russian kit that is)
From "Wikipedia" The AN-94 costs five to six times more to produce than the AK-74. The internal mechanism of the AN-94 is extremely complex and much harder to maintain than the AK-74, so it also costs more to train soldiers to look after it effectively. Additionally the weapon has very poor ergonomics, notably an uncomfortable pistol grip and a folding stock that covers the trigger (rendering the weapon unusable) when folded.
Lets hope that keeps it out of the Worlds hot spots but then money is no object to some oil barons who's hobby it is to stir up trouble against certain more freedom loving people's and enjoying the irony of biting the hand that feeds them........................................too cryptic?
This still sounds a nasty bit of kit in the wrong hands.....SO19 boys might not be so happy going up against a punter with this 'toy'. :p

Time to earn the shekels now boys :twisted:
Relax everyone.

There are still plenty of AK47s out there, so no danger of missing out of the opportunity of being on the receiving end of them for about another 100 years I think.
Hat20 said:
photo? tried myself but with no luck(probably why I was never Int)
Picture of said weapon, got mine out from under the floor boards just to snap it for you guys. And yes the folding butt is a pain in the butt!!

Didn't the septics try something similar sometime back?
muzzleflash said:
A bayonet indeed, quality! ok guys help me out, how'd you do that attached picture sketch in your message????
Go to open an account, upload the picture, when you view the picture it gives you a url already in the brackets, just cut it and paste it in the post.

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