Something I saw in Manchester today - Rant

First post from a long time lurker but I was walking back from uni (yes, great unwashed and all that, I know) today passing by the front of the town hall where the euro/winter festival thing is normally held for those local to the area and was greeted by something that at first made me smirk but crossing the square I was quite peeved really, possibly for petty reasons depending who you ask, but let me explain.

On the front of the building were two window covering sized poppies, totally appropriate giving the coming remembrance parade this Sunday. What I feel was NOT appropriate was the piñata style Santa Claus on a 4 post lego looking platform over the entrance of the building between the two poppies.

Okay I have only been an air cadet, the only truly memorable thing I did during the time with them would have been laying the wreath at the parade in 2005, I've never served but I just find it infuriating that some scrote somewhere lacked the foresight or balls to say that sticking up a great big Santa figure that, if I recall correctly, is going to be looming over the area where the remembrance parade is fallen out is disrespectful and unacceptable (in my opinion)

To me it just detracts from the point of the day, is going to have cadets giggling at it during/after the parade and just adds to the before its time Christmas* crap going on now :x

As an aside I am glad to see my boss at work wearing a poppy, then 4 barstewards at the Currys I used to work at during college wouldn't even consider at least turning the store music off during the 2 minute silence :x


*Not that I hate Christmas but I believe in nothing before its time

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