Something I found on the web

The Stumbleupon toolbar is an intelligent browsing tool for sharing and discovering websites. Basically you tell it what sort of sites you like (say British military rumour.....) and it suggests the sort of sites you might like based upon the ratings given to them by other people with similar interests. A simple concept but very well done and an ideal way to waste a lot of hours!!

P.S Don't forget to vote for your favourite unofficial British military website.......
Good find Bad Co, it made me waste the whole afternoon at work just doing stumbles, funn as anyting
Just downloaded it and thick as mince as I am managed to get it working no trouble at all. Nice one boss :D
I've also just realised that you can press the little speech bubble icon on the toolbar to add a review of a site
Dont call you trigger for nothing BadCo :lol:
Check this out and wonder exactly which person wrote this!

Rude obnoxious and offensive site with hate fuelled personal attacks rife. A total discredit to the professional and ordered reputation of the British Army throughout the world.

For someone who clearly hates us so much she seems to spend an awful lot of time on here.....

She must read continuously day in day out... BCO you could always invite her back as a kind of taste police / moderator :D

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