Something happened to me on the way to work

Just remembered something that happened to a certain Sig Sgt in Guterslog, whilst riding an army Harley form Bielefeld. He walked into the office, day sack on back, but the zip was undone. Removing the helmet he said he had a good ride back, to which I replied "What, with an empty day sack" "Oh Shit" came the reply, and he jumped on the bike and rode off. Turns out the GCP had to close the autobahn so they could retryeve all his kit, boots, wallet wedding ring etc etc. He is still in actually, at Wattishame, bible basher!
Just wondered if there were any other good stories.....
Yeah, you sticking a bayonet in my brand new boots on the Dishcloth airfield whilst practising for the opening of 9 Regt. I was still wearing them at the time 8O .
Drove up V steep hill in a sultan CVRT and when we finally got to the top and stopped for a brew and to Rebro we noticed the back door had opened.

Lo and behold all of our kit was strewn down the hill... so back down we went..doh

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