Something for the weekend,Sir?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. WTF????
  2. Just one question Van. WHY
  3. Maybe I should be glad I can't see the images?
  4. The young lady in the last pic seems to be sitting on her own penis. That must hurt a little.
  5. Van. That is an awful post to inflict on your beloved ARRSE colleagues before they go home for the weekend. I will have to have good drink now to avoid nightmares.
  6. Aye,but once you are wearing you beer googles,number four may look better?
  7. After a few I could probably tackle number 3 but although the last one looks abit in bred she seems clean and of some feminine shape.
  8. to be fair id probably give number two a go,

    but id have to make sure she realised it was purely for the sake of an empty sack. wouldn’t want her getting all delusional now would we.
  9. Van,

    You have no right downloading pics from my Facebook account ... they are my friends ... get your own!
  10. Great Googley Woogley!!

    These lot would almost make the wife look presentable in most cases.

    One thing continues to amaze me.. that every woman in the world , no matter how many trucks ran her over, thinks they're worth having their photo on the internet. Takes all the fun out of things. used to be that only ' naughty' wimmen allowed risque photties of themselves to be circulated in discreet you can't avoid seeing something purporting to be female slapped all over the WWW..[ and a good many of them should be slapped for inflicting that on people ]

    still, minus the cokebottle bottoms and a judicious use of some paper bags the one in front of the fire might be useful after a moment of weakness and a bottle or three..
  11. That first one looks vaguely familiar, she's not from Canterbury is she?