Something for the Weekend Sir?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StanTrolley, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Too lazy to write your own material?
  2. Well I'm a joke-a-holic aren't I? Durr...
  3. boring now fu ck off

    more like u r a joke :roll:
  4. Now THAT'S Bi-Polar!
  5. make sense you muppet, if you can
  6. Well, you said "hysterical" then you said "fuck off" so that made me think you were BiPolar (or barking mad - or both...) Get in now? Durr...
  7. F uck off. Please.
  8. lol you dont even understand the terminology. schitzo would reply in such a manner, bipolarism is totally different.

    Just because you have failed at school, life and now think you are funny, please stop spamming up this site, I note that you have yet to make a donation to the site, are you that lowly a troll?

    Your chav like humour is not a brand many squaddies or civilians with an IQ greater than their show size can tollerate.

    Man up and leave fella
  9. In fact anyone who has a youtube account, sign in, watch his lame videos, which should go into the wheelie bin, then flag them up to youtube as many are in breach of listing
  10. Stan - may I call you Stan? - you need to face facts that you are just not funny. No seriously, you are a very, very poor comedian.

    In fact, you're terrible. If you have a day job, cling to it with all the strength you can muster; if not then find one as soon as humanly possible and put this whole sorry episode far, far behind you.

    Keep no mementos; burn all photographs and business cards; delete all electronic files, email addresses and weblinks relating - in fact, just destroy your computer with a hammer, burn the remains and move on; take the traditional spangly jacket that is to pub comedians as large shoes or elasticated trousers are to a clown and bury it in a dark forest along with the tattered remains of your self-respect. Your conscience and mental health will thank you in later years.

    Please, for your own good and that of humanity - put a fucking sock* in it!

    *Crusty seasoning is optional - I won't judge.

  11. You didn't mention taking the mess Webley out into the woods and doing the decent thing, apart from that, your spot on