Something for ATs and PetOps!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. As part of my job is to initiate any findings and recommendations from the on-going Buncefield Investigation i came across this report that was released in relation to the explosive force of the 2 explosions.

    Some of the pictures of the vehicles and building in the vicinity prove interesting.
  2. Love your signature block, you waste of skin.
  3. I didnt agree with your comments made about a recently departed RLC soldier and made everyone aware of the fact that you share the same nickname and , what i thought at the time, last 2 as me. Then people not knowing that may think it was 67 (what ever that signifies :?: ) As a few people who know me go on ARRSE know my ARRSE name, i wanted to clear that up.
    If that makes me a "waste of skin" in your eyes, cry me a river!
  4. By the looks of it either Smudge is asleep (Yawn!) or he is modelling himself on his favourite movie character Pte Pile.
    In respect of the latter then id be more worried about him falling or sitting on me! :roll:
  5. I would hate to see another RIP thread on here!!
  6. Why? so you can go come along again and disrespect the life of a fellow soldier.
  7. You've spent too much time in the company of RLC birds methinks. Now dry your eyes before your mascara starts to run.
  8. You'll notice that tosser smudge67 can't even spell Pvt Pyle correctly.
  9. So in line with your thinking, "spending time with RLC birds" means that im becoming soft and death of a soldier should be ignored or even made a joke of?

    And besides, there are no serving women on my camp.
  10. Not at all a joke. I was mearly trying to point out how boring all thew RIP threads were becoming. I also believe that a lot of other members agree with me, including a few of the MODS. I have had a fair few PMs regarding this matter, all supporting what I did.

    Stop living in the past, and move on.

    But yes, I think you're becoming soft if you need to change your sig block "just in case" someone thought you were me?!!
  11. I know I've spelt "Pyle" incorrectly, it's been pointed out before. I can live with that.
  12. And as you can see from his more recent post he cant spell even plain simple English, which leads me to believe that his Tp/Pl Sgt is letting him on his computer to sort his JPA Admin out and has to be off by 1330hrs and back down the sheds/store to oil a couple more spades.

    And as for MODS agreeing with you, fine but they didnt leave it for a thread of a dead soldier to highlight their disapprovals!
  13. er my PM to you wasn't in support of your tantrum on the RIP thread, so smudge67 it seems you're thick, a tosser and a liar.

    Have a nice day.