Something Else to claim compensation for ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RABC, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Listen to Radio 5 now. Someone is talking about "Post Traumatic Slave Disorder" This is a condition that occurs among people of African descent who had ancestors who were slaves.

    I am not making this up !! They are just arguing with a caller who has pointed out that there were millions of white slaves too .
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's evolution you know, we are evolving into something better - apparently.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

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  4. They're just trying to fatten up the 'black history' books.

    And get me annoyed.

    Well definitely worked on the latter.

    Bollox, pure and utter bollox.
  5. What we should do is compensate all former slaves and return them to their country of origin so they can continue with their lives as though slavery never happened. How many would accept????
  6. Can I claim compensation for the stress brought on by having absolutely fcuk all to do with the slave trade but still being the victim of attempted guilt trips?

    ps when I say I have nothing to do with the slave trade, I'm excluding the Ukranian bird in the shed, obviously
  7. I think there is a very tiny flaw in the plan

    I think most of them are of the non-breathing community now,
    but knowing Labour they will probably give money away anyhow.
    Where is that bird Sarnie or Sharmi whatever her name is, she'll be floating somewhere.
  8. I believe that my ancestors were taken in to slavery by the Romans. It still gives me nightmears just thinking about it.

    I'm going to Rome and I'm going to ge paid. I only want a couple of grand, but 2000 years of interest should do nicely.
  9. Will slave compensation start a chain reaction!
  10. In her book Dr. Leary first exposes the reader to the conditions that led to the Atlantic slave trade and allowed the pursuant racism and efforts at repression to continue through the present day. She then looks at the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that our ancestors faced as the result of the slave trade. Next she discusses the adaptive behaviors they developed, both positive and negative, that allowed them to survive and often even thrive. Dr. Leary concludes by reevaluating those adaptive behaviors that have been passed down through generations and where appropriate, she explores replacing behaviors which are today maladaptive with ones that will promote, ensure and sustain the healing and advancement of African American culture.

    or to put it into English...

    It's all cos we is Black.
  11. On radio 4 20.00 19 MAR 07:
    Well if he shouldn't I don't see why I should! Perhaps Ghana should be paying reparations to black US citizens....
  12. I suffer from Post Last Orders Disorder. It's a condition that occurs among people of Scottish descent who had ancestors who were alkies.
  13. My family also suffered badly because of the slave trade...

    Almost went bally bankrupt when it was abolished..
  14. It depends.

    Can anybody find the links?
  15. you think thats bad?

    British Reparations