Something cold for your mess ball?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jcarver007, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Just a few pics taken of some recent ice sculptures carved over Christmas..some for mess balls some for other events(skier for Headley Court).

    Hope you like and feel free to mention to the relevant people you want a ice luge for your mess ball ;)
    Message me for more info.

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  2. This is not meant to be offensive... I attended a mess function that had a very large and beautifully carved penis as a Vodka luge. It was popular with boys and girls.

    Nice work by the way.
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  3. So does Bear Grylls work for you as well then ?

  4. I sent you a message about an ice sculpture before Christmas, and you never got back to me.
  5. Really? All enquiries are acted upon. The only thing I can think happened was it got caugh in a firewall. Can you pm me your details so that I can look into this?
    Thanks for bringing to my attention.
  7. You answered my initial PM/email but never got back to me on a follow up email. I can't remember what email address is was sent from however.
  8. Are you 39RA? Albemarle Barracks?

    I know on lead up to Christmas we were inundated with enquiries but we should have followed it up. However if you had recieved an initial quote/reply to your enquiry why not get back to us?
  9. No I'm not. It was regarding a luge for a party. I made an initial enquiry, but I never got the quote back from you guys.
  10. Is there any way you can tell me what type of party and where and what name - pm me - as i would like to find out what happened. Or just reply with where and what design.
  11. Nice work there. I'll pass on your link to friends still in the mess.
  12. Interesting. My ex Mrs could make any room I was in freeze over, can I borrow your chainsaw?!

    PS. Cool product
  13. Well I gave jcarver some more info, and yet again he didn't get back to me. Poor effort in my opinion.
  14. They must have too much business on at the mo then. (Either that or he's done his research on you and is still running away!) :)
  15. Well Prince Albert aka Smudge67. Why a poor effort when you say you received the initial quote from us but no follow up. We are often manically busy and so can't always go chasing people up. Yougot the quote so if it was a good one why not get back to us and book it? We did our bit and gave you a quote so I take exception to your comment.
    Then again wouldn't be first time you've posted a moan about ice sculptures... Had a nasty experience with a ice cube?
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