Something chucked over Tony Bliar at PMQs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Purple powder paint apparently.

    Someone has done what a lot of us would love to do.

    Personally, I would choose a different (and organic) substance. After a curry. And I would wash my hands afterwards.
  2. Anyone got a link to the picture, if there is one and not subject to a "D" Notice?
  3. Fathers for Justice are claiming responsibility.
    Seems a touch OTT to me. But fair play to them for getting in there and making themselves heard.
    More tax payers money on security for Bliar now.
  4. Cheers, Lewis,...pity they didn't include a picture of the Dear Bleader (May his name be blessed) covered in Purple Helmet Powder Paint. :D :D
  5. Look, we've only got so many ARRSE Hero Mugs 8O
  6. ARRSE hero mugs for all Fathers for Justice

    Edited by PTP , because Dui-Lai obviously meant to say

    "Pity it wasn't something stinky and organic" :D

    Steady on old boy, MM informs me that the Mugs are damn expensive, the Ltd edition ones even more so

    Must be the gold inlay and diamond temperature gauges etc.
  7. it would have qualified for an ARRSE hero mug if it had:
    killed him (although I dont condone murder in any way shape or form)
    hurt him
    been permanent ink
  8. PTP,

    I am honoured my first official censoring!

    PS I didn't think it was that bad, honest :roll:
  9. It's nice to see in this time if supposed heightened security that someone was able to get a canister of suspicious powder right into the heart of Parliament and then even more rediculously get close enough to the PM to hit him with the powder. What would be happening now if it had been anthrax or a suicide bomber. :?

    Even though I disagree with a lot of what this government does, they are still the government elected democratically by a majority of people in this country. We need to ensure that they are properly protected.

    Security in this country is a joke! :oops:

    On a slightly less ranting note. I saw in the link that the powder came from an area reserved for VIPs and guests of MPs. Prehaps a little bit of help on the inside.

    On a totally slanderous note. Perhaps a Glaswegian MP recently kicked out the Labour Party for his links with Iraq? :D
  10. Damm, just after popsting that last one I heard that it was a member of the house of Lords who signed him in.

    Now where was that Daily Mirror Job application
  11. Or perhaps just a kick up the arrse instead for 'Fathers for Justice' who start throwing things around when they don't get their own way :?:

    edited to change 'get violent' to 'start throwing things around'
  12. Violent? Sure you didn't mean violet?
  13. Pity about the paint
  14. Too quick for me there peurple :lol: