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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RTD99, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Is it true the military is not allowed to redeploy the normal regimental soldier into an operational theatre for a minimum of upto a year after he has just come back off of an operational tour. Is there a limit on the time he can be deployed between operations?
  2. think thats a guideline rather than a solid rule. you wouldn't be the first by a long shot mate.
  3. Only guidelines I'm afraid, no hard and fast rules.

    Stag on.
  4. Come on rtd99, stop being a fanny, if you're being shafted spill the beans, what units/Bde/deployment you talking about ?

    You might get a better response/sympathy if you're a bit more specific. Otherwise you sound like you're fishing ... and there are a couple of points in your post which sound fishy ...
  5. Goose, you could do with a few manners towards a lady instead of assuming.

    Secondly it would sound fishy if all I wanted was a very simple answer with little fuss to just double check something the boys were told, also, our UWO isn't known for its sympathy or user friendliness, so not getting any is nothing new to me. But, without going into all the other welfare issues of this particular case, and out of respect for the saftey of him and his mates, I'll give you the bare bones. We're stationed in Germany, he's an attached signaller with a company who is on an exercise at the moment to play enemy. Tho he's scheduled back sometime in Nov. he got told that there is a chance (which, with the particular company he's attached to, I've learned to read that as 'if we're telling you, there's a really good chance.') that anyone where he is at on this exercise, could get called down into ops in Iraq until January. He just came from there, and the thing is, we're expecting our second in January.
  6. Ha ha ha ha! Forget it. My record was 3 months between tours, and I was dodging. The guys I was in Bosnia 98/99 with were deployed to Kosovo straight after post tour leave. You won't be the first and you won't be the last to get double-toured.

  7. Just as I thought. I'm not the one who's assuming, that's why I asked a little about the background to your query.

    Thanks for giving us more info. I'm now in the position to let you know what I think. If you don't like it, tell him to hand his fcuking bedding in. Try being on Spearhead Lead Element (or whatever it's called these days) and that notice-to-move, puts your hubby's position in perspective.

    Don't get me wrong, you've done the right thing by asking a valid question on here. But there is a well functioning welfare system to deal with serious issues. It just sounds to me like you're a whining pads wife trying to stir it up.

    I'll leave this one to other users more inclined to guide you through this dilemma, it's really not my thing.

    I was right about something sounding fishy though, you didn't give us half the facts in your initial enquiry, eh ?!
  8. RTD, In all seriousness there isn't a hope he will get out of it from the point of view of "rules" or anything. At my last place which was tri-Service, there was a concept known as "Harmony" which counts how many days in the last 30 months someone has been away. If they get over a certain threshold (and I am not sure of the exact numbers) they shouldn't go anywhere. However it is that woolly because no-one could agree what constituted harmony, ie, was it just op tours, did it include exercises, and was time spent on a high state of readiness included, even though you may not go anywhere. Even so, this is a guideline, and there are no rules to state someone can't deploy because they have just come back.
  9. I think we all understand the massive manpower shortages across the army, if he has had a year off then he must have had time to put leave in, now he is on an exercise playing enemy - sounds like a bit of a jolly to me i'd be happy with that, you take the pay packet so do the job, sorry if i sound un sympathetic but it happens to us all, bottom line - its our job, don't like it then feck orf.
  10. Unless you joined when the BAOR was still around and the Wall still up, then this is the deployable reality of the modern Army. The system tries not to over-deploy people because it doesn't like losing them but if he doesn't go then someone else will have to and their case for not deploying might be even stronger than yours. Sorry.
  11. Yep I did that as well busy year that, think I may have had 2 months at some point between deployments, but not to sure!

    Know blokes who have left Iraq after 3/4 of a tour and will be deploying AGAIN with the people replacing us!

    Cutbacks eh!
  12. I did 3 back to back tours in 97-99. Sweet. At least I got 3 gongs out of it. Wasnt too happy about being extended by 45 days in Boz though :), and then deployed straight to my Regt in Kosovo. I met too many people serving who had worse than me, although they might have had a little bit longer than 4-14 days in between tours. Some LD guys seemed to have moved to Boz on a permenant basis.

    If you really object to it then sign off on your return and leave the Army. When asked tell them why.
  13. Harmony Guidelines are employed by all 3 Services with slightly different rules between them. Details are available in the Defence Instruction and Notices (DINs - the old DCIs) "The Management of Separated Service" 2005DIN02-062 released in May 05. Separated Service data is now being captured via UNICOM.

    The Individual Harmony Guideline (IHG) for the Army is defined as:

    The level of separated service that results when an individual has an operational tour interval of 24 months between 6 months tours within a programme of routine activities. It marks a level of individual separated service which is likely to be sustainable without long term damage to morale. It is currently calculated as 415 days in 30 months.

    The Individual Recuperation Level (IRL) is further defined as:

    The level of separated service beyond which there is insufficient time to complete those non-separated professional and personal activities which are the essential minimum to refresh an individual sufficiently to sustain future operations after appropriate collective training. In many cases it amy be well beyond the point at which long term damage to morale began. It is currently calculated to be 560 days in 30 months.

    What this basically means is that your chain of command should be monitoring separated service and where you are likely to breach IHG a concious decision to do so must be taken. 1 star authority is required to breach IRL.

    In the future, separated service data will be included on PPPs and will help to inform the APC regarding historical levels of separation, whilst knowledge of the operational tour plot, training regimes, etc, will inform them if you are likely to be in for yet more separation on posting - and, hopefully, enable them to make more informed decisions.

    If you do not feel that your separated service is being taken into account as op tours or other commitments are being planned, highlight the above to the chain of command and refer them to the HQ LAND letter "Managing Separated Service" dated 5 Aug 05.
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