Something about Miriam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ventress, Mar 1, 2004.

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  1. Yes, maybe

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  2. No, would have spotted the big hands.

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  3. Maybe after the first snog.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just a thought, why was the Royal Marine bothered to find out 'she-he' was a him in the Sky One Sunday night reality programme?

    It would be nothing he wasn't used too!

    I was told each contestant got £125,000 to allow the show to be screened!

  2. Can I have your autograph :D
  3. Dirty man-sl*g is a hard core porn star, Flash sent me a few links.

    Credit to the freak, it is bloody good looking

    Check out hte 'this is a bloke thread' in the naafi, posted way back, its the same 'thing'
  4. Pretty impressive, the only giveaway I see are the blokey shoulders..
  5. looks like she could give you a cracking soapy t1t w*nk.
  6. I know a Navy PO (female) with broader shoulders than this - does a lot of weights in the gym. Very VERY attaractive girl in the Amazon-Warrior mould.
    Just thinking of the bitch-slapping she gave me after a mate of mine and I gave her a wedgie in the bar one night makes me shudder... worth it though - nice thong... she also goes for chaps in green, luckily for me...
  7. Turp - what is it with you and soapy t1t w*nks !! :lol: :twisted:

    and MDN - any chance of you posting the links then :lol:
  8. TURPS got this condition its called Flabby man breast...they sag..low!! VERY low :twisted: It therefor follows that his hands are not subject to the rigours of friction :D And the soap bit.well thats cheaper and easier than nicking KY from the aenesthetic room 8)
  9. you are soooo obviousley a woman tia.
  10. thought youd sussed me when you bumped into me leaving your bathroom with those bars of imperial leather LWM :oops:
  11. got to admit it, cracking arrse

    You have my sympathies with that particular one mate :wink: Although you could have used the shower gel hanging conveniently on the shower rail. By the way did YOU leave that mes on my shower curtain 8O :wink:
  13. Fit as Fcuk, but do you nail it or fill it in?

    Can't believe that freak is weilding a todger propbably bigger than mine around.... no justice
  14. Well the last time i looked i was all woman :wink: